Superman review #3 Son of Superman part 3

Son of Superman brings chaos up North

Now in its third chapter, Superman has found a strong footing in the DC Rebirth world. It’s come by emphasizing the man in Superman with family issues that make him more relatable than ever before in Son of Superman.

Superman issue 3 cover

Superman takes Lois and Jon to the New 52 Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Jon’s inconsistent powers have alarmed his parents who are somewhat rattled their son isn’t invulnerable. With Jon, writers Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleeson have found a new way to humanize Superman. He might be able to battle parademons, armies, despots and would-be world conquerors, but Superman is just as panicked as any other father when his son is hurt.

Clark hopes there’s something at the Fortress that can shed light on Jon’s powers. While the Kents arrive they see the Fortress already has an inhabitant — The Eradicator. One area where the majority of the Rebirth writers could improve on with Superman is not making him such a punch first/think way later type character.


Superman immediately goes on the offensive and the ensuring fight quickly puts Lois and Jon in harm’s way. Along the way we get a slightly new twist on The Eradicator. As part of General Zod’s enforcers, they drain the life force of potential Kryptonian lawbreakers. In essence they’re Dementors from Harry Potter.

I try to keep these reviews as spoiler free as possible, but my biggest gripe this issue is tricky to discuss without spoiling.


Caught in the fray is Krypto, who gets sucked away leaving nothing behind but his cape. Krypto hasn’t been a major factor in this Superman title. Even in this issue Superman and family barely paid attention to him so his death/vanishing felt more like a shock to get a rise out of readers. With Lois’ cat getting burned earlier, you’d think Gleeson and Tomasi have something against pets.


Superman issue 3 page 3

Jorge Jimenez handled the art in this issue. I wasn’t the biggest fan of his art on Earth 2: Society, but he’s made some noticeable strides namely in the faces and action sequences. There was the occasional panel layout hiccup, but otherwise it’s a big improvement. I’m looking forward to seeing more of his work as the regular artist on Super Sons featuring Jon and Damian Wayne.

By the conclusion of the issue, the focus of the initial story arc appears ready to come to fruition. Animal hijinks aside, Tomasi and Gleeson are getting their run on the title off to a super start.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10