DCC SDCC reveals – more DC Icons, DC Films reveals with accessories

DCC SDCC reveals promotional shots

DC Collectibles really kicked the fun of SDCC for me with its Animated Series and Icons lines. Here’s a full look at the DCC SDCC figure reveals with their appropriate accessories. 

DC Animated Series

DC Films

Here’s a closer look at the Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice l like that DCC is giving alternate heads for the figures to provide some other display options.

The regular Batman comes loaded with accessories. Knightmare Batman is decent. I’m curious which one will be more appealing to collectors between this one and the Mezco version. I’m surprised Captain Boomerang is getting an alternate head. Killer Croc makes sense as he frequently wears the hood in what we’ve seen in the Suicide Squad trailers.

DC Icons

Booster Gold comes with Skeets! Can’t lie, that was all I needed from this two-pack with Blue Beetle. Etrigan’s alternate flame spewing head is a nice touch. I might actually display him with that instead of the more subdued one. Catwoman does indeed come with her whip, which I figured, but it’s nice to see. After those two, Sinestro and Deadshot have a better than average accessory count. Deadshot’s extra guns are a real nice touch.



DC Bombshells

This line is looking promising. Wonder Woman’s expression could be a bit better, but the rest are real solid additions of this new take on the characters. DCC SDCC reveal shows they are packed with accessories proving DCC is really invested in this line.

DC Bombshells statues

DC statues


Images Credit: DC Collectibles