SDCC16: Big Trouble in Little China Jack Burton figure

Say hello to good ‘ol Jack Burton

Big Trouble in Little China is one of those fun movies that’s grown to cult status over the decades. If you didn’t watch it when it originally hit theaters or killed your VHS tape its lure might escape you. In his action hero prime, Kurt Russell starred as the charismatic Jack Burton.

Jack was one of the classic action stars. He was cocky, full of swagger and nowhere near as cool and competent as he envisioned. Naturally, that only helped to endear him even more with viewers.

To get collectors really excited about yet another potential franchise line, SDCC Sideshow Collectibles revealed its Jack Burton figure.

I know the odds are super, super low on this, but I won’t be mad at all if Sideshow decides to crank out Grace, Lo Pan, Wang and Eddie. Thunder, Rain and Lightning are a given after all, right?

Jack Burton Big Trouble in Little China figure - wide

Images Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

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Jack Burton Big Trouble in Little China Sixth Scale Figure