Big Brother 18 Battle Back Winner Prediction

Five houseguests compete, but who will win Battle Back?

Big Brother is mixing things up a little this season. With tonight’s special Battle Back competition the first five houseguests are hoping to return to the house

Battle Back a fun concept. So often the early departures are barely remembered by the second half of the season so this keeps this relevant. The big challenge for whatever returning houseguest is how to avoid getting sent right back out. For the sake of some Big Brother fun while the feeds are down, I decided to break down the first five evicted houseguests and consider their chances of returning and actually making an impact.

Big Brother 18 Battle Back - Glenn

Glenn was the first to go and his chances to return are slim. His chances are pretty good if Battle Back is a mental competition throughout. If it’s a combination where some competitions are physical or endurance he might be out of luck. Having to survive four fellow evicted houseguests give him the worst odds to return. If by some miracle he is able to make it back into the house he clearly has the best chance to stick around for a while. He wasn’t around long enough to make enemies. That’s also his biggest obstacle.


He’s working with outdated information with his ‘go after the returnees’ strategy. That didn’t pan out too well for Jozea and Victor, who went out after him. Glenn didn’t have the chance to form any tight bonds with any of the houseguests so he’d be an outcast right away. His best strategy would be to play the floater while the various factions in the house take each other out.

Big Brother 18 Battle Back - Jozea

For pure entertainment value Jozea would be a live feed goldmine. The newbies’ self-professed Messiah won’t be able to stay out of the spotlight once he returns. His best hope for sticking around long-term got derailed once Tiffany was evicted. With few reliable allies, Tiffany would have likely been willing to work with the house’s pariah. Jozea made so many enemies in such a short time his return probably wouldn’t last long. But for one glorious week the feeds would be so much more entertaining than they’ve been in his absence.

Big Brother 18 Battle Back - Victor

Victor is likely the favorite to return since he’s got brains to match his brawn. His sweet spot placement of only having to battle three houseguests help him out as well. Like Jozea, Tiffany’s eviction definitely hurts his chances if he made it back. Those two could have made a powerful alliance of outcasts. Assuming he returned, he’d have to borrow a page from Frank’s Season 14 playbook and win every eligible HOH and Veto otherwise he’s going right back out. He put too big a target on himself during his stint. Victor’s ally Paul might be reluctant to burn the carefully constructed bridges of Friendship he’s created in Victor’s absence.


Bronte is helped by her fourth place position. She only has to beat the winner of the boys’ battles and Tiffany. Bronte is a middling player, but has more than enough allies with The Spy Girls to be in a safe place upon returning. As the smartest of the trio, she could have Bridgette and Natalie refocus on their game. Naturally that assumes Frank’s influence over Bridgette isn’t unbreakable and Natalie will be down with giving up cuddle time with James. I’m rooting against her simply because her voice and fake sweet girl routine was so obnoxious. For Bronte the toughest challenge will be defeating the final obstacle to returning to the house.

Big Brother 18 Battle Back - Tiffany

Tiffany was just starting to play the game when she was evicted last night. Clearly she has the best odds of surviving the Battle Back, but save one Roadkill competition, Tiffany has often cracked under the pressure when she knew she was in jeopardy. But revenge is a strong motivator and with another opportunity to get her hated rival Da’Vonne out the house, Tiffany should rise to the challenge and return. Her big problem will be Paulie wanting to get her out ASAP and rallying his alliance to do that – with or without Da’Vonne there. I don’t see her sticking around long.

To recap, Tiffany is my choice to return although Bronte has the best chance to stick around the longest if she makes it back. Glenn has too big a challenge. Jozea would make the house great again … for a week. Victor would have to be a competition beast to survive. Who do you see winning Battle Back and making the biggest impact?

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