Superman, Batman and pretty much everyone else star in Justice League Action trailer

Justice League Action teaser brings something for everyone

To answer Batman’s question, yes we did miss you. Tremendously. We got out first look at Justice League Action as part of SDCC’16 and it looks amazing. This seems like the most ambitious DC animated effort yet with a little something for every DC Comics fan. 

Justice League Action

From the highlight reel it’s probably easier to list what characters won’t be appearing than determining who’s missing.

From the initial glance there was Batman (voiced by Kevin Conroy), Superman, Wonder Woman, Firestorm, Cyborg, Vixen, Atom, Blue Beetle, The Joker, Mongul, Lex Luthorr, Stargirl, Etrigan, Martian Manhunter, The Red Lanterns, Lobo, Hawkman, Toyman, Swap Thing, Zatana, Harley Quinn, Chronos, Steppenwolf and Mr. Freeze. But odds are pretty good I missed a slew of them.

Check out the highlights and see who I missed.



Unlike a traditional animated series, Justice League Action is comprised of 11-minute segments. For longtime DC Animated Series fans, the big news of the show is Mark Hamill will be back as The Joker alongside Conroy’s Batman. So the Dynamic Duo of DC Animated will be reunited again.

Additionally, James Woods will be playing Lex Luthor. That should be an interesting choice. Woods has an ideal superior-minded voice so I’m looking forward to hearing his take on Luthor. While he probably won’t top Clancy Brown’s take, second place in that category isn’t bad at all. Diedrich Bader will be voicing Booster Gold. Justice League Action will make my year if they dedicate an entire episode to the Justice League International crew. Watching all of the gang (Manhunter, Blue Beetle, Guy Gardner, Mr. Miracle, Dr. Fate, Rocket Red, Fire and Ice) would be a blast even for just 11 minutes.


What do you think of the news and which characters are you most looking forward to seeing