SDCC: Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man, Dr. Strange pics

Hasbro reveals new Spider-Man, Doctor Strange waves

Hasbro continues to stay on a roll with its Marvel Legend offerings. Today they shared some promotional pictures from two of their upcoming series.


The Spider-Man line is delivering some clever Spider-Man variants. Spider Verse has proven to be exceptional help for Hasbro in terms of offering potential Spider-Man variants. While I might not get all of them, there’s some tempting options. I’m definitely getting Ms. Marvel though. Glad to see her figure turn out so nicely.

The updated Green Goblin looks superb.  My ML13 from Toy Biz has maintained a prominent spot in my Spider-Man display, but I think he’s finally about to be replaced.

With Doctor Strange coming to theaters in November, a Marvel Legends subset was inevitable. This wave isn’t as enticing as some others simply because the Build-A-Figure is a rerun. Dormmamu is called back to action after being included in the Doctor Strange SDCC exclusive set last year.

That’s an odd choice since you’d figure Hasbro could have found another villain to entice collectors. The line is a hybrid comic/movie one. My biggest disappointment is the Hulkbuster Iron Man wave Doctor Strange is back with a cape and that’s being used as the comic version instead of the traditional blue and black attire.

Hasbro has already shown a few more figures including a Kid Nova, Dazzler and Angela. The Hasbro panel is still to come so I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more information about future lineups and possibly some reveals.

As soon as Hasbro posts them I’ll be sure to pass along. Looks like the future remains bright for Marvel Legend collectors.