Justice League trailer reveals Marvel Cinematic Universe influence

Justice League trailer shows lighter side to DC movies

It doesn’t take long in watching the Justice League trailer to notice something very different in the tone. Grim and gritty? Gone. Snappy, but not growling Batman? Check. Actual team banter? Double check. One more thing. It’s about time.

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has been the envy of every franchise not named Star Wars. The reason? Its filmmakers understand that it’s OK to treat these larger than life characters seriously and with a dose of fun. It’s why even in a hero vs hero conflict like Captain America: Civil War there’s a healthy heaping of humorous moments. Table for Tony Stank anyone?


The more lighthearted tone is a significant departure from the earlier stance in establishing the DC Cinematic Universe. DC and Warner execs said they didn’t want to just follow in Marvel’s footsteps. That’s all fine and good, but Marvel is taking the fun superhero formula all the way to the top of the box office charts consistently.

Now with this Justice League trailer we’re getting a sense the WB/DC higher ups are OK having a little fun. The Batman/Wonder Woman scenes felt like it easily could have been an exchange with Captain America and Iron Man. And that’s not a bad thing. No one wants to leave a superhero movie feeling bummed out.


The League trailer definitely helped establish Jason Momoa’s Aquaman as the team’s resident bad-a$$/Wolverine style hero. He’s the character I’m most interested in seeing how Director Zack Snyder organically incorporates into the action. Done right, like the trailer seems to suggest, Aquaman won’t be regarded by mainstream audiences anymore as just the guy who talks to fish.

Cyborg looked interesting. His design is a bit more Michael Bay Transformers level of detailing than necessary. Hopefully he gets a streamlined upgrade as the franchise plays out.

All told though, this left me very impressed. What do you think?