Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Entertainment Earth exclusive review

Guardians of the Galaxy set is a must-get for Marvel Legends fans

I managed to hop on board the Guardians of the Galaxy bandwagon right before their popularity soared thanks to the much beloved movie. Basically I was a fan long enough to have minor fanboy gripes they weren’t all in that cool navy blue and red color scheme. And they were short a few of their cooler looking members.

Thanks to the popularity of the movie Hasbro was able to give us not one, but two sets of Guardians figures. The first was a movie based wave, which was pretty good as far as movie figures go. The second, which I’m (finally) reviewing today is a boxset featuring the big five. I’m hopeful with the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Hasbro can manage to squeeze out a few more members like Phyla, Mantis, Jack Flag and Adam Warlock. Especially if they can be done in the same quality as this set.

Drax the Destroyer Marvel Sixth Scale Figure

Packaging: Hasbro does such a great job on the box set presentations I’m surprised they don’t do more. The outer cover features a drawing of the team in action. I appreciate the drawing being exactly how the team looks in figure form so there’s no major deviation from package to figure.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends exclusive - inner tray

Pulling the right side reveals the figures while the left side is the exterior art with the characters’ identified. Finally the rear shows the figures posed in action.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends exclusive -Star-Lord guns up

Likeness: Star-Lord is a cool looking figure. We’ve already seen this mold previously on the Thanos Imperative version, but it’s still a sweet looking figure. The glove should be up just a smidge more as it gives the illusion that the arms are too long.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends exclusive - Drax main

Drax is a marked improvement over the shrimpy version in the Build-A-Figure Arnim Zola wave. He’s got a nice broad look to him and now doesn’t look like someone that’d be easy to take out.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends exclusive -Rocket with big gun

Rocket is essentially the same figure from the BAF Rocket wave with a new, less cuddly headsculpt. It looks perfectly agitated and irritated.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends exclusive -Gamora with sword

Gamora uses the same female buck we’ve seen since Scarlet Witch. No complaints here as it’s a solid fit. Her belt is sculpted and loosely hangs around her waist.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends exclusive - Groot standing

Groot is the GOTG movie wave BAF Groot with a more comic accurate headsculpt. This headsculpt blows away the movie version in terms of detail and character.

Granted, most of that is due to the more simplistic movie design, but the comic Groot looks more of the kind of misfit hanging with the Guardians. I do kinda wish the comic Groot had the Guardians uniform like Rocket and Star-Lord.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends exclusive -Guardians together

Scale: The Guardians line up just about right with each other. Rocket’s the shortest, followed by Gamora, Star-Lord, Drax and finally Groot. One aspect of Star-Lord’s execution I really like is that he looks like he’s wearing a helmet. We’ll see a lot of armored characters with helmets that don’t look like they could possibly contain a regular sized human head. Starlord’s head is bigger and looks like a protective helmet.

Paint: Considering this is five figures — one of which you can’t even see due to a cape covering everything — the odds of finding a set without serious issues to at least one figure seemed slim. Amazingly, my set emerged pretty clean.

The line work on Star-Lord was the biggest challenge. There’s just a very small overspray on the bottom portion of his shirt.

Rocket had the same minor issue, but beyond that, both were solid.

Gamora more complex line work and mesh top could have been problematic, but it’s done exceptionally well.

The only issue with Drax was it seemed like the red around his eyes should be more pronounced. The metallic parts on his gauntlets and boots have some decent wash to them and look weathered.

Groot gets a darker paint job with a quality wash to bring out the wooded detail. The darker color makes this Groot look a lot more tree-like than the movie figure.

Articulation: This is where we get some discrepancies with the set.

Star-Lord, Gamora and Drax all feature the traditional ML articulation.

  • neck
  • shoulders (hinge)
  • bicep
  • elbows (double jointed)
  • wrist (hinge and swivel)
  • torso
  • waist
  • thighs
  • hips
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankle

They can all hit some nice crouching poses and are overall just fun to play around with and pose.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends exclusive -Rocket posing

Groot is a bit more limited with his movement. He’s got a ball-jointed neck and shoulders, chest, hinge legs with a slight swivel, knees and ankles. For what you’d likely do with Groot he covers the basic articulation needs. Thanks to the headpiece, he can be a bit top heavy.

Rocket has waist, shoulders, elbow and a ball jointed head and tail. The tail is very useful in keeping him upright. Rocket can grab onto Groot’s head branches and hang from him just like in the movies, which I realized after shooting the figures.

Accessories: Here’s where the set really pays off and earns its price tag.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends exclusive -Guardians going for Cosmic Cube

Star-Lord comes with his two blasters. They’re a too toy-ish light grey and really stand out in the wrong way compared to the other weapons. With a different color or a little wash they would look fine, but they’re the weakest of the accessories. Playing up a moment from the comics, Star-Lord also has the cosmic cube. We’ve seen that from the Red Skull figure. It was a nice nod here.

Gamora is packed. In addition to her sword and removable cape, she has a separate head sculpt. The hooded sculpt is just as attractive as the other and even has added details like the earrings. They’d be pressed closer to her head with the hood up and the figure reflects that in a nice touch.

The heads don’t lock in as tightly as I’d like and pop off a bit too easily. She also comes with a cloth poncho. It’s pretty much a burlap sack. You likely won’t feel the need to put it back on her unless you’re going for a Guardians refugee display.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends exclusive -Gamora sword closeup

Rocket gets three guns. My favorite is the smallest as it has a bayonet and a rocket for extra overkill. The other guns are nearly as large as him making for a fun over the top looking Rocket.

Drax gets a ton of add-ons. He has two large style blades and two smaller daggers that fit inside his boot sheathes. Drax also has swappable hands. One is a regular bare skinned and the other are silver hands. They’re intended for use with the removable gauntlets, which was a nice touch. Between Gamora and Drax, there’s a nice bit of worthwhile display options in the set.

Even Groot has an accessory of sorts as he comes packed with a Baby Groot. This is reused from the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Universe boxset. It’s a nice bonus toss-in so if you want a little variety in your Guardians display Groot can go from the tallest to the smallest.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends exclusive -Guardians with Baby Groot

Worth it? At $120 shipped you’re basically paying a bit more than retail for the five figures. Breaking it down though it quickly becomes a better deal. Groot was the Build-A-Figure for the Guardians movie wave. Rocket Racoon was the Build-A-Figure in another wave and Star-Lord was originally in a hard to find SDCC exclusive box set.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends exclusive -Guardians face off with Thanos

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

This is a fantastic set. You get the core members of the team and while the bulk are repaints, they’re the best versions of the characters. I highly recommend this as it could be the centerpiece for your cosmic Marvel Legends display.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends exclusive -Thanos vs the Guardians

Where to Get It? This was an Entertainment Earth exclusive though I’ve seen the set at FYE

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