Shane McMahon, Flyin Brian, Rhyno rumored for Mattel WWE figure line

Shane O Mac is headliner of potential future lineups

With San Diego Comic Con finally catching WWE collectors up to the earlier leaked retailer list it was probably inevitable that a new wave would surface. And this new reveal has some promising additions including our very first Shane McMahon figure. As always¬†with all the leaked lists it’s all just rumored until official confirmation. Some names, like The Warlord, seem unlikely now in the wake of the WWE alumni lawsuit.

Here’s the upcoming Elite figures we didn’t see at SDCC:

Viktor (interestingly there was no mention of his Ascension partner Connor)

Flashback Rhyno — The former ECW champ would be a welcome addition. ECW has been one of the main territories that has largely gone under served from Mattel. While this will undoubtedly be his WWF look, Rhyno’s appearance didn’t dramatically change so it will work just fine.

Randy Orton — while it’s unlikely to be the Legend Killer Flashback collectors are clamoring for, we can still hold out hope Mattel is listening. At this point that might be the only Orton figure collectors want.

Isaac Yankem — The New Generation was a pretty lousy era for strong heels. Outside of a feud with Bret Hart, it’s hard to think of anything else useful this character did. We still need a NG era Jerry Lawler to send his cronies against The Hitman.


The Warlord — If by some miracle, this figure does come out it seems like the solo version will come first. That’s fine as Warlord has a decent little run as a midcard heel once he and The Barbarian stopped teaming.

Big Bossman — This could be the Network Special version re-released from Toys R Us. Optimistically I’m hoping this is the SWAT version Corporation era Bossman. It’s weird how few of the WWE’s top heel faction at its Attitude Era peak we have for our collection.

Flyin Brian Pillman — I’m really hoping this is young NWA/WCW era Pillman with the orange striped briefs and young headsculpt. In the final days of the NWA on TBS, Pillman was a featured star alongside Sting and Ric Flair. And while there’s probably very little chance, I’d love to see a Z-Man figure as well. They were a pretty fun U.S. tag team championship duo and had a great rivalry with The Midnight Express.

Wrestlemania Elite Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania 12) — This HBK variant is definitely needed. With the arrival of that figure I’ll have to make an update to my Wrestlemania Main events in figure form¬†post. I still don’t see why Mattel doesn’t have a steady onslaught of HBK figures like they do The Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage.

NXT Takeover Unstoppable - Baron Corbin vs Rhyno

Baron Corbin – The NXT star gets the Elite treatment after a pretty decent Basic figure. WWE has done little with him since moving him up to the main roster, but the terror of NXT will be a fun addition to the ranks.

There’s a number of Battle Packs that for the most part are uninteresting to me save two.

Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon. If Mattel really wanted to win over collectors this would be a Flashback suit set with both Vince and Shane-O-Mac in their Corporation era look. That way we can still get Shane in his wrestling jersey attire in the Elite line.

There’s also a Hart Foundation Battle Pack on the list. I don’t really dabble in Basic figures, but I could be tempted if the Harts get different head sculpts for some reason.

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