Supergirl’s Superman is missing a couple of things

Supergirl’s Superman lacks some key elements

We got our first look at Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman before his debut on the second season of Supergirl. On the plus side, he’s not wearing a red jacket and blue T-shirt. That immediately puts it ahead of the Smallville version. There’s more to like with Supergirl’s Superman look, but what’s missing is perhaps more obvious.

The suit is a decent compromise for all those red underwear for an alien who flies, shoots heat beams from his eyes and blows icy breath is stoopid!! If red underpants was good enough for a Christopher Reeve Superman it’s good enough for everyone else. Dean Cain and Brandon Routh pulled it off just fine thank you.

supergirl-superman - Melissa Benoist and Tyler Hoechlin-min

Another random observation: why are the modern superhero costumes so busy? There’s this odd layered/paneled look to Superman’s costume even down to the boots. Compare that to Supergirl’s outfit, which is far more streamlined and more superhero-esque. And again #RIPSpitCurl Maybe I can understand the red briefs omission, but what’s so passe about the curl? And apparently it wasn’t shave day for Superman either. From Batman, that makes sense, but Perry White wouldn’t stand for that, Smallville.

But the weirdest aspect of this initial image is the expressions on Supergirl and Superman’s faces. Did someone force them to watch Catwoman? These guys look like they showed up late to star in Batman v Superman. This is SUPERMAN and SUPERGIRL. It’s perfectly fine for them to smile and not try and out-Arrow Green Arrow.

Supergirl DC Comics Premium Format(TM) Figure

For its numerous problems, one of the best aspects of Supergirl was its refreshing take on being a superhero. Sure, Kara had all kinds of family drama and that will they/won’t they deal with James, but for the most part she handled it with a smile. It was great seeing a hero have a cheerful attitude the majority of the time.

Ironically one of the most encouraging signs from the first Justice League poster was Henry Cavill’s Superman actually managing a faint smile. I’m sure Supergirl’s Superman will eventually find his smile, but it sure was an odd way to debut the CW’s Man of Steel.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.