Suicide Squad Rebirth #1 review – killer debut for DC’s worst

The Squad gets focused, improved fresh start

One of the most important aspects of DC Rebirth is getting back to the core of what made characters and teams so successful in the first place. Suicide Squad Rebirth #1 continues that blueprint.

Not only does it have that back to basics feel to appeal to longtime readers, but it’s easily accessible for new fans exposed to the Squad from the movie. Borrowing from Marvel’s playbook, the Suicide Squad Rebirth makeover was smartly timed to coincide with the highly anticipated movie’s opening weekend.

Suicide Squad Rebirth issue 1 - page 1

Squad Rebirth hits all the right marks filling in everything that had been missing from the title even before its New 52 reincarnation. Writer Rob Williams understands what was lacking and immediately puts the Squad on a course correct.

Amanda Waller no longer resembles a Victoria’s Secret model and Col. Rick Flag is leading the team. Having Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, etc. running around largely unchecked always felt wrong.

Suicide Squad Rebirth issue 1 - page_6

They needed an authority figure present on the battlefield. Flag might not be the most exciting character in the DC Universe, but he’s absolutely necessary. You need a straight man for a team comprised of murderers, thieves and psychopaths. Williams has the characters’ voice accurately making for some snappy dialogue exchanges.


While the cover suggests a larger movie cast ensemble, this issue focuses on a streamlined team. Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Boomerang are in a foreign country trying to stop a meta bomb with power enabling or debilitating results. That’s a nifty premise and one perfectly suited for the Squad. I’m looking forward to the various future scenarios Williams has in store for the Squad.

Suicide Squad Rebirth issue 1 - cover

Philip Tan’s artwork has made tremendous strides. He’s assisted by three inkers here. With Scott Hanna’s embellishing there’s more than a little resemblance to Tan’s co-artist Jim Lee. If Hanna can handle the workload or inking every issue, Suicide Squad will be one of the best looking books of the Rebirth era.

Suicide Squad is getting a heavy marketing push with the movie and a slew of toy/collectible lines. What previously was a niche title is now one of DC’s most important books. This Rebirth kickoff was an impressive debut. If the series stays on this path, DC has another big hit on its hands.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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