DC Icons Harley Quinn figure review

Icons Harley Quinn figure is best version yet

If you hadn’t realized it yet, we’re just living in a Harley Quinn world. Come Friday when Margot Robbie steals Suicide Squad with her portrayal of Harley the rest of the world will know it too. DC Collectibles had a very strong San Diego Comic Con showing with its upcoming Icons figures. It was more than enough to get some collectors convinced the line is here to stay with a promising future. With the release of the Harley Quinn figure the last bit of skeptics should have run out of ammunition.

Packaging: There’s not a whole lot new I’ve got to add here. The Icons packaging is one of the cleanest on the market. White is surprisingly not overdone so it really stands out. I love the unique touches to it with the Harley logo in the O and the red accents. The side packaging shows this Harley is based on her first regular Batman comic continuity appearance from No Man’s Land.

I’d still like to see DCC add in a bio to give just some cursory details on the character or a recommended best of reading list. Freeing the figure from the plastic ties requires tiny scissors, which always makes me a little nervous.

DC Icons Harley Quinn figure review -holding mallet

Likeness: Over the years Harley has gone from a court jester costume to a more suggestive scandalous attire. From costume perspectives, I’m glad Robbie isn’t in the jester outfit. Likewise, I’m glad DCC went with the classic look for Harley. Of the ever increasing options, this is definitely her most iconic look. My thinking is going with the most familiar outfit first then do other looks down the road. Harley might arguably be DC’s second most popular female character at this point so she would warrant multiple figures.

The head sculpt is perfect. She looks mischievous and ready to do something completely unpredictable. I like the suggestion of crazy more than the wide smile we got on the DC Classics version from Mattel. Of the figures he’s sculpted so far in the line, this is Paul Harding’s best work.

DC Icons Harley Quinn figure review -excited Harley

All the other aspects of the costume are equally strong. The jester hat and collar are perfect. The wristbands look appropriately scrunchy and the pixie boots are an ideal length. In all aspects of conveying Harley to the Icons line, her likeness is dead on.

Scale: Harley is scaled very well to the other characters. Batman is just a little too small, but she looks scaled perfectly with other figures. The real acid test will be when The Joker figure comes out in Wave 4, but at this point she fits in very well.

Paint: Upon first glance, Harley has a simple costume. But look closer and there’s all kinds of potential for paint mishaps thanks to the need for steady line work. The red and black alternating pattern is nice and clean. Ditto for the diamonds on her arm and leg. There’s just the slightest bit of overspray on the right wristband and left boot. Hardly enough to be an issue though.

DC Icons Harley Quinn figure review -wide pic

Harley’s face though is the real highlight of the painting. There’s a subtle bit of gloss in the eyes to further sell that sense that Harley is not all there.

Articulation: Harley can achieve most of the poses I’d want. The Icons figures don’t feature as much articulation as the Marvel Legends figures, but they have more than it appears initially.

The lack of a thigh swivel is most obvious when trying to do a jumping side kick pose, but she has more fluid articulation than her DC Classics counterpart.

DC Icons Harley Quinn figure review -kicking Batman

Harley has:

  • neck
  • ball jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbows (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • torso
  • abdomen
  • hips
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • shin
  • ankle

Accessories: Harley comes with well though out accessories. Naturally she comes with her trusty mallet. It’s got a good heft, but isn’t so heavy it weighs Harley down. Most importantly, you can do the overhead smash pose without it toppling Harley over.

Additionally, Harley has a set of open hands to hold the mallet. They plug in and out of the socket without any issue. She also has a trigger finger left hand to hold the Bang! gun. It’s a nice smooth fit and I wasn’t worried about it falling out at the slightest touch.


Worth it?  If you hadn’t guessed yet, I’m a big fan of this figure. Harley is one of those figures that could make people fans of the Icons line. Even at $25 the figure was worth the price.

Where to get it?  You’ll need to visit your local comic book store or track him down at Amazon.com or other online retailers.
DC Icons Harley Quinn figure review -helping Joker fight Batman

Rating: 10 out of 10

Harley definitely hammers her way into the Best Figure of the Year conversation. If you’re even remotely curious about the Icons line or a fan of Harley this is a must buy figure.

I’ve been collecting DC Icons since the start. Wave 1, I reviewed Batman, Green Arrow and Deadman. The Wave 2 reviews covered the entire set: Black Adam, Blue Beetle, Flash, Green Lantern and Lex Luthor. I’m plugging away now on Wave 3 with Superman.

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