Sweet Christmas, the new Luke Cage trailer is dope

Luke Cage looks to be another winner for Marvel Netflix

Ever since his debut on Jessica Jones, I’ve been anxiously awaiting seeing Luke Cage. Mike Colter perfectly embodied the role of the man formerly known as Power Man. Over the last decade and a half his stock has considerably risen culminating in a solo series. Today the Like Cage trailer dropped and it was everything I envisioned.

The trailer showed a unique tone that seems to capture the flavor of Cage. I loved the blink and you’ll miss it reference of the original costume with tiara and gauntlets. If Brian Michael Bendis never did anything else useful in comics he will have always done right by me for making Cage a prime time player in the Marvel universe.

We already know Rosario Dawson will be making several appearances in the show, but I’m also hoping we get to see a little of Finn Jones’ Danny Rand. Power Man and Iron Fist have been one of the best duos in Marvel and I hope that is reflected to some degree with these Netflix series. Of all the Netflix Marvel series’ characters, I’d love to see Luke Cage and Iron Fist make some sort of cameo in Spider-Man Homecoming. Colter’s schedule should be freed up now and Jones probably could spare a day or two for a quick pop-in.

Luke Cage debuts on Netflix on Sept. 30. Better catch up on your sleep before then as I envision a very quick binge session for that one.