How could Man of Steel sequel affect Supergirl’s future plans?

Man of Steel sequel could make some Superman characters off limits

For much of its first season, Supergirl casually borrowed villains and supporting characters from the Superman mythos. From Bizarro, Hank Henshaw, Non, Toyman and Silver Banshee, Cat Grant to even Jimmy James Olsen, everything was fair game for the show. But with the news of a Man of Steel sequel some significant changes could be in store.

Warner Bros/DC hasn’t exactly been a fan of shared universes. Aquaman was famously shelved from Justice League Unlimited’s second season when an Aquaman series was in development. And it was hardly a coincidence that all of Arrow’s Suicide Squad members got killed off right before the movie debuted this year.

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The real tricky thing for the Supergirl writers is they might build a character up really well only to be told that character is being incorporated into a movie and is now off limits. There definitely appeared to be some unspoken hard feelings on the Arrow team with the mandate given the abrupt way Amanda Waller and Deadshot were written off.

To some extent, the movie wing of WB/DC has been like the big bully plucking all the best toys from the toybox. Then snatching the clunky old one just because the TV department found a way to make a dusty underutilized character work.

How could that impact Supergirl? Director Zack Snyder had a CIA operative named Jimmy Olsen get killed in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as an ‘Easter Egg’ for fans. Presumably, Snyder won’t be the one helming the Man of Steel sequel given the lukewarm response of the first film and BvS. Both films were under his watch.

The next director could be a big old school, classic Superman fan and want to bring back familiar elements and characters. That could include Jimmy. At which case, he could quickly get written off in favor of a new love interest. Since Superman’s Rogue Gallery isn’t the deepest, Bizarro and Toyman might become off-limits as well.

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More importantly, the Man of Steel sequel could impact Tyler Hoechlin’s stint as Superman on Supergirl. Clearly, Superman having a semi-regular role would be great for Supergirl. If for no other reason than a quick ratings boost, but WB might not want two Supermen flying around. They’ve already got a headache trying to explain having two Flashes with one headlining a CW show and the other in Justice League next year.

Maybe that mindset will change now that Geoff Johns is president and Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics?  Johns previously mentioned the TV and movie universes are part of different Earths in the DC multiverse. Johns has always been a creator known for fan service so he might actually come up with a way to combine the two. Stranger things have happened.