Action Comics #961 review – Path of Doom lumbers on

Action Comics #961 offers little new in Doomsday conflict

Since its promising Rebirth kickoff issue, Action Comics has become progressively more disappointing. That slide continued with Action Comics #961, which played out practically the same as the previous four outings.

Superman battles Doomsday while another random hero — initially Lex Luthor, now Wonder Woman — occasionally lends a helping fist. Lois and Jon watch on in pride/fear, Clark Kent insists he’s not Superman while a shadowy figure looks on.


That writer Dan Jurgens has to keep resetting each issue to reestablish this simple plot point is frustrating. By the time something eventful finally happens the issue is already over.

I doubt even Grant Morrison or Geoff Johns could make Superman fighting Doomsday for four issues with little plot advancement enjoyable. At least we’d get some creative twist and a refocused take on Doomsday. Jurgens, on the other hand, has been content to simply have Superman and Doomsday punching away with slight changes to the locale.

Wonder Woman has a few moments to shine, but Jurgens doesn’t seem to want to have Superman share the spotlight with anyone. Superman blows off Wonder Woman’s suggestion to call in the Justice League for help. Considering the length of the fight thus far, it seemed silly that Superman wouldn’t welcome the help. And if he was concerned Doomsday could kill someone, Jurgens should have made that a focal point of Superman and Wonder Woman’s interaction.

Stephen Segovia hops in for pencils marking the third artist in five issues. Path of Doom has been a very generic storyline that would have benefitted from a consistent art team. Swapping artists nearly every issue certainly hasn’t helped. Segovia’s art is reminiscent of Leinil Francis Yu.

Action Comics 961 review - cover

The dialogue focused moments are solid, but in the action-heavy sequences, the art is cluttered and difficult to follow. Inker Art Thibert and colorist Arif Prianto have to do some heavy lifting to help make the art stand out.

Action Comics #961 is another dull chapter in a very stagnant story that can’t end soon enough.

Rating: 4 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics