Detective Comics #938 review

Detective Comics #938 takes action slant

Quietly establishing itself as one of the best DC Rebirth titles, Detective Comics has been a consistently strong read. In the penultimate chapter, issue #938 brings the action to the forefront.

As the three previous chapters have largely been a set up, #938 is all about the action. Team Batman has tracked him down to The Colony’s headquarters and it’s time to bust some heads.


Writer James Tynion IV finds solid uses for each member of the team on the battlefield. Batwoman handles the fray more like a soldier, Red Robin is focused on shutting down The Colony’s technology and Clayface revels in being able to let loose.

For longtime Robin fans, there’s a fun sequence pitting Red Robin against his old arch-foe The General. While only having a couple words of dialogue Cassandra has one of the issue’s best moments. Batman gets the short end of the attention this issue, but Tynion knows this title doesn’t need him front and center all the time to shine.

The heavy action focus allows Alvaro Martinez to flex more of his creativity with staging the battles. Clayface is the biggest beneficiary as the oddest addition to the team showcases how useful he is in a fight. Martinez also understands the team members’ various fighting styles. Red Robin bounces around gracefully while Spoiler plows through opposition.

Despite his opposition to the Bat team,  Tynion doesn’t make Col. Kane the prototypical loose cannon soldier. His implementation is all wrong, but his motivations make sense. A wonderfully illustrated flashback sequence by Al Barrionuevo really delivers the heart of Kane’s mindset.

Detective Comics issue 938 review cover

Detective Comics remains a title readers can count on to deliver. It’s been DC’s best team book since Rebirth got underway and #938 shows it has no intention of letting up.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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