Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #2 review

Green Lantern Corps title is fast riser in DC Rebirth line

It might have taken longer to get underway, but two issues in and Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps is emerging as one of the best DC Rebirth titles. There wasn’t any letdown from the excitement and intrigue from the first issue. If anything the title is proving to be as good as it was under Geoff Johns’ legendary run.

Hal Jordan’s investigation to the disappearance of the Green Lantern Corps brings pits him against two dreaded members of the Sinestro Corps. Despite the numbers disadvantage, Jordan is just as confident as ever.


Writer Robert Venditti clearly has a firm understanding of Hal Jordan and the rest of the main cast. Jordan can be a tricky character for some writers. Some write him too stern while others go overboard in making him too cocky. Venditti’s Jordan is confident and fearless without going to obnoxious extremes.

Likewise, Venditti writes Sinestro equally entertaining. He’s commanding, regal and enjoying seeing his plan come to fruition. This isn’t Sinestro vainly trying to get the upper hand on the Corps. He’s won and is now even more dangerous since he’ll do anything to preserve his hard-earned victory.

While Jordan battles Sinestro’s minions, the Green Lantern Corps are regrouping from their last ordeal. The Lanterns have seen better days. They’re unsure where they are, members are dying and the replacement system is broken. New leader, John Stewart, is rallying the Corps and sends Guy Gardner on a recon mission.

At its peak, the Green Lantern franchise could have easily made each of these subplots the foundation for standalone titles. Venditti juggles them very well in giving each enough time while moving the story forward.

Rafa Sandoval’s pencils continue to prove to be a great fit for the book. His clean line work and expressive characters really sell the stakes and emotions in a title where that’s key.

While some Rebirth titles are nearing their fifth issue, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps has quickly distinguished itself from the pack. This is one of the top titles in DC and a must for every DC fan.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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