Wonder Woman issue #4 review – Year One part 2

Wonder Woman Year One is captivating storytelling

Greg Rucka doesn’t break new ground with the second chapter in Wonder Woman’s Year One, but it’s a solid read. 

In Issue #2, Rucka set Princess Diana and Steve Trevor on a collision course through extended flashbacks. That culminated in Trevor’s plane landing on Themyscira. While he recovers, the Amazons consider if he’s part of a larger offensive against them or stumbled upon their island. Perhaps as a warning from the gods.


This discussion of the Themyscira high council is fascinating Amazonian political drama with both sides raising strong points. An examination of Trevor’s equipment further illustrates the vast differences between the two cultures and their stance on battle.

Rucka considers some interesting angles like Steve Trevor not being able to understand the Amazons’ language. That makes more sense than him easily communicating with Diana and the rest of the Amazons. Rucka then moves to what will likely feel overly familiar to readers — the contest to determine the Amazon champion — but he offers some nice new wrinkles. The climax of that selection plays out in cinematic fashion. If there’s still time, that sequence would definitely be cool to watch unfold in the Wonder Woman movie.

Wonder Woman issue 4 variant Frank Cho cover

These stories also greatly benefit from the artwork of Nicole Scott. DC has a wealth of quality artists, but perhaps none are better suited to handle this chapter of the Amazons than Scott. She gives each of the Amazons a distinctive sense of power and grace reminiscent of George Perez’s heyday on Wonder Woman. Rucka writing is a big draw for a lot of readers, but Scott has more than pulled her weight in making the month for the next chapter seem especially long.

Of the two chapters Rucka is crafting, the Year One story is emerging as the superior arc. Backed by Scott’s fantastic pencils and a more intricate look at Wonder Woman’s past, this chapter is required monthly reading.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Images Credit: DC Comics

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