Hot Toys Luke Skywalker figure review Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker is another masterpiece

I’ve gotten fewer action figure thrills than opening up the Hot Toys Luke Skywalker. Featuring Luke as he appeared in Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope, Hot Toys delivers the definitive ANH version of Luke figure in the 12 inch format.  

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker figure review -talking to Obi-Wan

Packaging: Hot Toys is sticking with a simple, streamlined look with the flat black and shiny black exterior package. It’s classy and elegant even if it’s not the most eye-popping package. Once you open the outer shell you’ll find dynamic college slipcover of the Hot Toys Luke in action.

Lift that slip and you’ll get closer to freeing Luke. Tray 1 opens up Luke and the main accessories. The second tray holds the second set of accessories. Opening the package and seeing everything on display is both an overwhelming and satisfying experience.

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker figure review - face close up

Likeness: Mark Hamil has proven very difficult for sculptors to nail the likeness. I got sucked down this Hot Toys rabbit hole with its first Luke Skywalker figure – the Empire Strikes Back version – due to its phenomenal resemblance.


The New Hope version is just as outstanding. Part of what’s made Hamill tricky for most companies is opting on the best expression for Luke. The figure looks like he’s thoughtfully considering Ben’s proposal to travel to Alderaan or how he can possibly help take down the Death Star. The minor details like the moles and chin dimple are captured well to further seal the likeness.

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker figure review - holding lightsaber straight

Scale: In our not so official Star Wars height guide, Luke is clearly shorter than the other males, specifically Stormtroopers.  That meant it’s important for accuracy’s sake that the Hot Toys Luke was looking up at Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo and naturally Chewbacca.

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker figure review -with Han Solo and Chewbacca

I was thrilled when I lined Luke up and saw that he was indeed shorter than the others. While Hot Toys operates on a 12-inch scale I’m glad to see they care about getting height discrepancies correct. It’s pretty cool seeing an actual adherence to scale with this line. I’m very curious to see how Princess Leia matches up to these guys as well.

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker figure review -looking to the side

Paint: Like Obi-Wan, the hair color is just a shade off. While it should be much more gold-tinged, the figure has much more of a dark brown appearance with gold accents. Beyond that small issue, the paint job is exceptional. Luke avoids the dead eye paint job and has that mini human look Hot Toys has perfected.

Outfit: Of all the various outfits in the Original Trilogy, Luke’s Star Wars attire has proven tricky to get just right. Part robe/part tunic, it’s a very unique looking piece of clothing. Companies like Hasbro have struggled finding the best way to replicate the look alternating between plastic and oversized cloth goods.

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker figure review -aiming blaster

Hot Toys’ handling of the iconic outfit is about what you’d expect by now — flawlessly executed. The upper portion has plenty of give to allow for various poses. Hot Toys smartly tucked the pants into the boot, which is two pieces connected at the ankle. The tailoring is tremendous and the seam lines are very well done.

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker figure review - Luke kneeling with lightsaber

Articulation: Luke has the standard Hot Toys body. You’ll be able to get any pose you want, but this is the older version of the character who wasn’t exactly flipping over Stormtroopers. As opposed to some of the other Hot Toys figures, Luke’s looser flowing outfit makes posing much easier since he doesn’t have a restrictive outfit.

Accessories: You won’t be able to accuse Hot Toys on skimping out on accessories for Luke. He comes with a ton of worthwhile and useful items based on his film appearance.

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker figure review -holding blaster

  • Interchangeable hair sculpture for wearing hat
  • Eight pieces of interchangeable palms including:
  • – One pair of fists
  • – One pair of relaxed palms
  • – One pair of palms for holding lightsaber
  •  – One gesturing left palm
  • – One left palm for holding blaster
  • One LED-lighted blue lightsaber (white light, battery operated)
  • One lightsaber hilt
  • One long rifle
  • One hat with goggles
  • One brown colored poncho
  • One pair of binoculars
  • One training helmet
  • One training remote
  • One droid caller
  • Specially designed figure stand with Luke Skywalker nameplate and movie logo

I found the palms a lot easier to swap out on Luke. The tiny pin always makes me a bit nervous, but no dangers of breakage just yet.

Since Luke wasn’t waving the lightsaber around throughout the movie, I prefer to keep him armed more with the blaster. That’s a nice secure fit and is a nice bulky size for Luke. Remember, he tended to shoot it with both hands for better aim.

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker figure review -raising blaster

Important note here since it’s not entirely clear from the instructions. The lightsaber hilt in the light-up arm directly connects to the wires running through the arm. Don’t try and remove it. While you might think it’s part of the entire light-up system, the actual lightsaber blade is what you can remove to have a regular light-less lightsaber.

The arm swaps are a lot easier with Luke since his outfit isn’t as complex as Obi Wan’s. I didn’t feel all that nervous switching them out, which is a great feeling for this high level a figure.

If I had one nit I’d like to see stronger loops/connectors for the smaller accessories. It’s great that Luke has that cool droid caller and unlit lightsaber hilt, but it’s not so handy if they fall off whenever you pose the figure.

The Sideshow exclusive had an additional accessory with the Stormtrooper ammo belt and grapple hook clip. The hook doesn’t come out, so don’t try and recreate that scene with this set. You’ll need to swap out Luke’s standard belt for it, but they both attach easily enough that it won’t be a problem.

Hot Toys Luke has a nifty little deleted scenes bonus attire with the poncho, rifle and floppy hat. This was from a deleted scene, but has come to embody Luke’s life on Tatooine before his life changing encounter with Obi-Wan. Even with the hat wearing hair piece, the floppy hat doesn’t want to stay on.

The goggles don’t make that easier and they tend to pop up and off with little effort. Of the main display options for the Hot Toys Luke, this is fairly low so I won’t complain about it.

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker figure review - Luke training with blast shield

Of course Luke also has the nifty training helmet and remote to replicate Luke first tapping into the Force. Here, the hat hair piece works just fine. The remote fits in easily enough into its stand, which in turn is a snug fit onto the figure stand.

Light-up feature: Unlike the Obi-Wan, the batteries are actually in the light-up arm piece. That’s helpful for all of us who don’t have that tiny a screwdriver handy. The light is decent, but it won’t really stand out against direct light. I was a little too excited in making semi-accurate lightsaber glows that I forgot to save a lit lightsaber pic.

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker figure review - Luke holding lightsaber Obi-Wan looks on

Worth it? Luke is going to set you back a few dollars with his $240 price tag. Still, with everything you’re getting with the figure from the various display options and quality execution, I felt like the Hot Toys Luke earned its value.

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker figure review -with Han Solo, Chewbacca and Obi-WanAs usual with a Hot Toys product, you absolutely don’t want to experience sold out remorse and end up paying twice as much once it’s sold out and your only bet is the marked up secondary market.

Rating: 10 out of 10

If you’re a Star Wars fan, like the 12-inch format and the cost is within your budget, this is a must-get. Hot Toys Luke was released in January and I still like its chances of being one of my favorite figures by the end of the year.

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker - close up with lightsaber

Where to get it? Hot Toys Star Wars items have sold out so you’re best off getting him now if possible. You can still grab Luke from Sideshow Collectibles or Big Bad Toy Store.

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