Superman is back to black for Justice League

Superman to sport new black costume in comic tribute?

Henry Cavill revealed an interesting tidbit for Superman in the upcoming Justice League. And it’s all about returning to a rarely used black costume choice.

So many spoilers from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice so don’t click forward if you haven’t seen it yet.

In keeping with the comic storyline, Superman’s encounter with Doomsday left him a flatlined Man of Steel. Doomsday’s arrival should have left Superman dead so I’m glad the film followed suit.


My favorite Superman storyline arc remains the amazing trilogy of The Death of Superman, World Without Superman and The Return of Superman. In the finale, the presumed dead Superman returns to help take down the real menace threatening Metropolis. It’s a great story and I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t read it.

Superman black and silver - Return of Superman

Of particular note, Superman wasn’t in his traditional blue, red and yellow attire. Instead he wore a black and silver costume. As far as alternate looks go, it was pretty cool. And thanks to a reveal from Cavill, it looks the the cinematic Superman will be wearing a similar black costume at some point in Justice League.


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This isn’t completely shocking considering the finale of BvS. Superman’s black casket featured a silver S shield. I’m curious though as to why Superman would be wearing a black and silver outfit in this continuity. In the comic story, that was part of a Kryptonian regeneration suit helping Superman regain his powers. Since he was buried as Clark Kent it raises the question of who would inspire him to wear all black?

Interestingly, DC Comics had Superman recently wearing the black and silver outfit in the months leading up to DC Rebirth.

We’ve still got a long time to see how this all plays out as Justice League arrives in theaters Nov. 17, 2017.

Image Credit: DC Comics