Green Arrow #5 review – Inferno is fiery finale

Inferno brings the heat to initial Green Arrow arc

Consistently Green Arrow has been one of the stronger performers since DC Rebirth kicked off. Writer Benjamin Percy has done a masterful job incorporating what’s worked for Green Arrow from various creator runs to the Arrow TV series. With Green Arrow #5 the opening story arc comes to a close in now expected ridiculously entertaining fashion.


Inferno finds Green Arrow and Diggle traveling to The Ninth Circle to take down the crime bank and rescue Black Canary.

Green Arrow #5 review Inferno -page 1

Percy kicks off the issue like the final act of a movie complete with a cinematic opening with the credits woven through the panels. That movie feel continues to play out through the issue thanks to Juan Ferreyra’s incredible storybook art. Ferreyra has been one of the major artistic Rebirth revelations and his style works beautifully with Green Arrow.

At one point as the united Team Arrow prepares to take on The Ninth Circle, all of the characters are smiling. It embodies the unspoken Rebirth mandate to make comics fun again. And as a reader, that attitude is infectious. Inferno has some nice payoff moments from Green Arrow and Black Canary’s reunion to a nice twist that delivered on bread crumbs Percy left throughout the story.

Green Arrow #5 review Inferno - cover

Percy winds the issue down in a way atypical in modern comic book storytelling fashion. There’s not a cheap cliffhanger, but he immediately kicks off a new storyline that should be a blast for both new and longtime Green Arrow fans. Inferno might have cooled down one story arc, but the fire is still burning bright with Green Arrow.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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