Green Lanterns #5 review – Rage Planet part 5

Rage Planet part 5 shows some spark

Rage Planet part 5 continues to tease Green Lanterns potential. If some of the other Rebirth titles have been instant starters, Green Lanterns is proving to be the pet project that if nurtured properly could really be special.


Baz and Cruz battle the Red Lanterns to stop the Atrocitus and company from making Earth their new home base. But it’s their insecurities and overconfidence that could ultimately cost them the final battle.

Writer Sam Humphries probably should ditch the dual narration gimmick. ‘Hearing’ from both Lanterns throughout the issue becomes confusing and reads like two children vying for readers’ attention. Not that he needs to abandon it entirely. Humphries could simply alternate the Lantern narrator each issue.

Some of the dialog is a little clunky as Humphries occasionally has Baz and Cruz sounding like bad 80s action movie stars.

Humphries really as an interesting character with Cruz. Most heroes act heroically about 90% of the time, but mustering up her will and courage continues to be a challenge for Cruz. This issue finds her buckling under the enormity of her Lantern responsibility. Eventually, she will become a courageous hero, but Cruz is a refreshing take on the GL mythos.

One of the biggest problems with Rage Planet is a lack of explanation for the whereabouts of the other DC heroes. With rage infected folks everywhere, Superman and Batman’s absence seems bizarre.

Green Lanterns #5 review cover

Robson Rocha’s art continues to be inconsistent, but when he’s on, his work brings a necessary energy to a Green Lantern title. Eduardo Pansica helps finish off the issue with noticeably sharper pencils with tighter details and character expressions. Due in part to the storyline, Blonde’s colors are dominated by dreary reds and greens, which overwhelm the pencils at times.

As usual, Humphries ends the issue on a solid cliffhanger. Consistently, each issue has been slow out the gates only to pick up steam and have me looking forward to the next installment. Once Humphries and Robson put that together for an entire 21 pages, Green Lanterns could join the upper echelon Rebirth titles.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics