Justice League #3 review – The JL encounters The Kindred

The Kindred begins their end game

Thanks to a slow kick-off, the opening story arc of Justice League has felt much longer than three issues. On the positive front, Bryan Hitch is finally moving the story along even if it’s still searching for momentum.

The League confronts the Kindred, a still vaguely defined opponent that bares more than a few similarities to the aliens that initially brought the League together in the 60s. Hitch’s fragmented storytelling has largely kept the League members apart. That’s hurt the main story to an extent as Hitch has to spend too much time checking in on the Leaguers without progressing the story enough.

Aquaman and Wonder Woman in particular get shortchanged despite being the closest to cracking the mystery of The Kindred. Green Lanterns Baz and Cruz fare slightly better as they try to stop the Extinction Machines at the source.

Despite leery of the man who resembles his friend, Batman reached out to Superman for help in what could be a suicide mission. Naturally, that means Superman has to prepare his family for the worst in case he loses the Never Ending Battle for good.  For the umpteenth time in the Rebirth era that means Lois Lane gets to play the worrisome wife. Hitch falls into the same trap as too many other Rebirth writers in portraying Lois as overly emotional anytime Superman faces some trouble.

Justice League #3 review -page 5

Tony Daniel holds up his end on the art front. There’s a tenderness in the scenes with Superman’s family that Daniel captures well. Similarly, he’s able to give the Extinction Machines and the Kindred a suitably grandiose feel as if the story is a summer blockbuster. Tomev Morey’s colors look somewhat muted providing a washed out feel. A brighter color palette could help make the art more dynamic.

The issue ends on a promising note that finally seems to be steering the story to a more focused action direction. Up to this point the League has just been randomly fighting The Kindred’s minions. While it’s fun watching the League cut loose, getting to the purpose of the fighting will make for a better read.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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