NECA Aliens Newt to get wide release in 30th anniversary set

Newt and Ripley celebrated in new two pack

There was a lot of upset Aliens collectors (cough Jeffrey Lyles cough cough) that NECA’s fantastic Newt figure was going to be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive only. That meant everyone not fortunate enough to be at San Diego was going to miss out on one of the essential figures in the film.

NECA pledged to its fan base that it would try and figure out some way to get Newt out to the general public. And now we see it wasn’t just lip service like some companies, but a promise delivered.

Newt will be part of a two-pack with Ripley capturing the iconic image from the poster. The figure doesn’t have all the accessories as the SDCC version, but it’s a small price to pay.


Here’s all the details:

That iconic image of Ripley rescuing Newt appears on the front flap of the deluxe packaging; open the flap and the figures are posed in the box just as they appear on the poster.

Ripley stands approximately 7 inches tall and features a new head sculpt and new deco, both exclusive to this set. She comes with a flamethrower accessory that has a special “fire effect” attachment.

Newt stands approximately 5 inches tall. Both feature authorized likenesses and have over 25 points of articulation for dramatic poses. A great display piece both in and out of the box!

That’s a smart idea in general since the Aliens Ripley is a fairly hot commodity on the secondary market. And it doesn’t do anyone’s Aliens collection any good not to have a Ripley figure.

I’m ecstatic NECA found a way to get Newt out. They’ve said more than a few times that the human characters are a tough sell to retailers. And a human child would probably have been even trickier.

Big Bad Toy Store is taking pre-orders. I’ll make sure to list any other retailers that might be getting the set in as more information becomes available.

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