Superman #5 review – Olympic level smash fest

Superman #5 is heavy on action, light on plot

Superman #5 is a solid slug fest even if the battle against The Eradicator is becoming a little tiresome.

To cut down on potential collateral damage, Superman takes the fight to the moon. But in a nice twist, it’s not any random location. It’s an off-planet base for one of Superman’s new allies. Lois Lane has largely been an observer throughout the Rebirth titles, but in this issue she has a great standout moment.


For the most part, writers Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleeson hit the right marks of a super-powered throwdown. Superman rarely gets opponents he can cut loose against, but Eradicator’s Terminator-like invulnerability is making these conflicts feel stale.

Tomasi and Gleeson probably didn’t need to complicate the story by adding in Kryptonian ghosts. They’ve distracted from what had been a great story about Superman teaching Jon the first steps of being a hero. The action slant has surprisingly worked against the title especially for a story arc titled Son of Superman.

Doug Mahnke continues the rotating artist carousel that’s strongly impacted the visual flow of the title. The art hasn’t been as consistent since Gleeson stepped away to focus on co-writing responsibilities. Mahnke is a good choice to stay on the title long term as he’s solid on both laying out the action sequences and the more personal moments.

Jaime Mendoza inks Mahnke’s work here, but it’s a lot softer than his frequent collaborator Christian Alamy. Mahnke’s style benefits from a inker willing to do some heavy embellishing. Wil Quintana is handling his end on the coloring front however. He conveys The Eradicator’s powers with a crackling sense of energy and doesn’t let the art get drowned in a sea of blues, reds and yellows.

Superman #5 review - cover

While the action has been solid I’m looking forward to the title focusing more on Superman and family. That’s truly where this title is at its best.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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