DC Collectibles debuts two new additions to DC Super-Pets line

Bat Family gets trio of recruits for DC Collectibles Super-Pets line

Time to beef up your DC Super-Pets plush toy line.

DC Collectibles revealed Bat-Cow, Damian Wayne’s (AKA Robin) cow sidekick. Not to be outdone, Harley Quinn’s pet hyenas Crackers and Giggles are also being released as part of a set.

The three plush toys are based on designs by Art Baltazar and retail for $15.


All three Super-Pets will arrive in comic book and collectibles stores in March 2017.

DCC has made some nice releases for the Super-Pets line. There’s Red Lantern Dex-Starr, Hoppy, Ace the Bat-Hound, Streaky and naturally Krypto. I’ve always been wholly partial to Krypto as I just like the idea of Superman having a super dog. That’s partly why Superman #3 annoyed me so much.

And major special bonus points if you knew the Wonder Woman Super-Pet Jumpa. That one totally

I’m curious what other animal theme characters DCC can crank out for the line.