Batgirl #2 review – Beyond Burnside part 2

Getting out of Gotham has been almost as great for Batgirl as the new creative team. Beyond Burnside part 2 continues Batgirl’s super fun road trip with another breezy, enjoyable read.

Continuing her Singapore getaway, Batgirl/Barbara Gordon’s itinerary is getting filled. She’s getting further training from one of her idols, Fruit Bat, and hanging out with her old friend Kai. And naturally, Batgirl couldn’t resist finding a new mystery to solve and begins an investigation into the girl with the Chinese tattoo.

Writer Hope Larson is incorporating all of the best elements of Batgirl into a seamless package presentation in Beyond Burnside. In Larson’s care, Batgirl isn’t just another Batman sidekick. She’s a fully formed character whose identity isn’t tied to Batman or Gotham.

The change in scenery has been a boon to the title as well. Playing the reader tour guide Batgirl explores the majestic sights and seedy underbelly of Singapore fight network. The story isn’t super complex, but that’s part of Beyond Burnside’s charm.

Larson utilized Batgirl’s eidetic memory in clever fashion. With so few people possessing the trait, Larson gives it an almost super power feel that isn’t as overdone as flight or super strength.

Rafael Albuquerque’s art is such a great fit for the title. There’s a certain element of restrained playfulness that’s fun without being overly silly. Albuquerque’s characters are very expressive and reminiscent of Fiona Staples’ (Archie) style.

Batgirl #2 review Beyond Burnside coverColorist Dave McCaig is a strong artistic co-pilot. The warm, soothing color selections further help the inviting mood of the book.

Beyond Burnside is the best Batgirl has been since Gail Simone kick-started her return to action in the New 52. Free of being bogged down by current events in Gotham and making sense of Batgirl’s somewhat convoluted continuity, Batgirl is one of Rebirth’s most new reader friendly titles. At this rate it’s not a stretch to see Batgirl well on its way to being DC’s premier female headlining title.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Images Credit: DC Comics