Deathstroke #1 review – Among Thieves gets thrilling kickoff

Deathstroke #1 begins promising arc

Longtime Deathstroke fans will definitely appreciate the tone of the series. Writer Christopher Priest said the series was influenced by the Marv Wolfman/George Perez portrayal of Slade Wilson. That’s apparent early on in Deathstroke #1, the opening act to Among Thieves.

There’s a certain comfort level for readers who fled DC in the wake of the New 52. For every criteria that matters, this is the classic Deathstroke with Wintergreen, Adeline, Grant and Joseph. Very little seems changed from the initial take on the character, making Deathstroke a very reader-friendly title.

Deathstroke #1 review - variant cover

Combining political intrigue with underutilized villains, Priest finds the sweet spot to explore Deathstroke’s place in the DCU.

Priest’s signature chapter style and trademark humor are also evident. While the chapter breaks and laughs in a Deathstroke title don’t seem like an obvious fit, Priest plugs his familiar formula in smoothly.

In Wintergreen, Priest has an unflappable straight man no matter the scenario he’s found himself in with Slade. With the slant to attract younger readers it’s cool reading a comic where the main character and sidekick are grey-haired veteran warriors.

Priest uses flashbacks to effectively provide insight on Slade’s past specifically regarding his family ties. Thus far, the continuity seems to line up with the pre-New 52 reality. Grant follows in his father’s footsteps. Joseph’s fate remains unknown, but it doesn’t seem like he joins up with the Titans to fight his father. Hopefully Priest will find a way to bring the Titans and Deathstroke into conflict sooner than later.

Carlo Pagulayan’s pencils continue to impress. His style is so clean and detailed making for easy to follow action. Jeremy Cox doesn’t go too flashy with the colors, but they compliment the art very well.

Deathstroke #1 kicks off as strong as the best of DC Rebirth. If it stays this consistent Deathstroke will quickly ascend to the top tier of DC’s new era.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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