The Flash #5 review – Barry Allen’s Day Off

The Flash #5 takes needless detour

Feeling more like a filler issue than a pivotal step in the Godspeed saga, Flash #5 is running on empty. 

Much of the issue is a spotlight on Barry’s new love interest Meena aka Fast Track while Barry has a day off.

It feels somewhat unearned to have Barry sidelined and Meena running around so soon in the run. Writer Joshua Williamson has devoted so much ‘screen time’ to the new cast his Barry Allen is underdeveloped. It’s also interesting that while most writers are establishing old relationships, Williamson is keeping Iris West and Barry in the friend zone.

Meena meets Wally West as he’s considering getting speed training. The duo has some nice moments exploring their powers. Williamson could create an interesting dynamic if Wally becomes Meena’s sidekick instead of Barry’s new partner. The learning curve for the new speedsters has been so quick it seems The Flash isn’t needed at all.

For a third consecutive issue the book features a new artist. Some of the creative teams are buckling under the taxing bi-weekly shipping schedule. While The Flash started out with terrific art the fill-ins haven’t been as impressive. Felipe Watanabe handles the art. While serviceable the art isn’t at the level DC needs long term for such a high profile character.

The Flash #5 review cover

Williamson is setting up a decent mystery with Godspeed’s identity. Assuming he’s a character we’ve seen during this arc, Williamson has set up a number of potentially interesting options.

At this point that’s Flash’s biggest hook right now. Clearing the deck of the numerous speedsters and refocusing on Flash should become a priority for this title quickly.

Rating: 5 out of 10

Images Credit: DC Comics