Big Brother 18 houseguests need to be out of second chances

Picture this scenario. A houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house three times could have conceivably won it all. Chalk it up to an excess of second chances that’s ruined the ‘integrity’ of a game built on betrayals and blindsides.

The Battle Back was a great addition to this season. In that comp, the first five evicted houseguests competed in one on one battles to return to the house as the Battle Back champ. Complete with swank title belt. It was absolutely a great decision for the show. Too often we’ve seen the season’s most exciting, drama-prone, no filter houseguests gone too soon.

Battle Back allowed the early evictees a chance to actually be a factor. Victor made the most of his second chance, emerging as an all-time comp beast. And his second act did wonders for his perception with viewers. Zingbot coined Victor’s first BB life perfectly dubbing him ‘El Douchebag.’ Now Victor’s had a successful personality makeover to become one of the more likable houseguests.

Battle Back was a success. But then Big Brother tried to stack the odds yet again with another second chance re-entry comp. The Round Trip ticket allowed the evicted houseguest who picked the correct envelope to return to the game. Luckily no one was able to cash it in.

But now with the home stretch approaching, there’s one more second chance option – The Jury Return comp. For the houseguests who’ve successfully lied, competed and shifted alliances to stay in the house, these comps are threatening to ruin the game and make cowards of them all. The vote with the house mentality has been crippling the last few seasons. It’s prevented houseguests from painting a target on their back by not voting with the majority.

big brother 18 paul and victor

Houseguests have grown so accustomed to gaming the BB system they work in a pack to blindside the true target. The target doesn’t get a chance to fight for the veto, but it requires keen gameplay to pull it off. Now with the possibility of a blindsided target coming back, it’s going to further paralyze houseguests already worried about ‘getting blood on their hands.’

In one of the season’s big moves, Paulie nominated pawns so he could successfully backdoor Victor. And that came back to bite him as Victor returned and sent Paulie packing. Now on the chopping block again, Victor could be evicted twice and still win the whole season.

While it’d be great to see Victor get multiple second chances to win — he’s been one of the seasons legit players — it’s an advantage BB legends didn’t need. How many times would Janelle have won if she had three chances to stay in the house any of her seasons? We probably would have been robbed of Frank’s iconic season 14 run if he just simply focused on winning second chances comps. And poor Frank really got screwed this season as he missed out on participating in the Battle Back by one week and missed being eligible for the Jury re-entry by a week.

Although it’s made for some interesting TV, Big Brother needs to cut the second chances. While Big Brother has always been a game, it’s not a video game and the houseguests shouldn’t keep getting extra lives.

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