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Detective Comics #939 review

It’s tough to find a bad DC Rebirth title. Still, some have emerged from the pack to be standouts. Detective Comics #939 is just another example why it’s one of the Elite DC Rebirth books.

The Bat Squad thinks they’re finished with Batman’s uncle and The Colony, but they’ve got one last desperation play up their sleeves.

Writer James Tynion IV juggles the cast just right and is doing an exemplary effort in giving each team member little moments each issue. Red Robin gets more of a spotlight as he considers making this his last mission before enrolling in school. Hopefully, Tynion doesn’t go the cliché route where the short-timer becomes a dead man walking. Especially since he had to go through significant lengths to rehabilitate Red Robin as a likable character.

Detective Comics #939 review - page 4

Eddy Barrows returns after a brief hiatus to handle the art. While his fill-ins did an admirable job, Barrows is doing some of his career best work here and the book looks even better with his return.

Tynion continues to dedicate time to develop the characters’ backstory. It’s a smart move that makes this book just another Batman and company title. This issue, Tynion looks back at Kate’s efforts to console Bruce at his parents’ funeral. Tynion doesn’t dwell on the moment long, but it’s a nice scene to show the deep bond between the cousins. As family has been a major theme of this story arc it’s good to see this neglected aspect of Batman and Batwoman get some attention.

Detective Comics #939 review - page 5

I’ve given up trying to rationalize Clayface’s involvement on the team and just come to appreciate his knack for making an awkward statement or two per issue. Clayface fits the role of comic relief in a Batman book perfectly.

While some of the Rebirth titles’ initial story arcs lost steam midway through, Detective is five issues in and remains just as exhilarating as it began. As usual the two weeks for the next installment can’t get here fast enough for me.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics