Suicide Squad: War Crimes Special #1 review

Don’t say DC isn’t maximizing Suicide Squad’s exposure in the wake of its hit movie. In addition to a new Rebirth focused standalone title and spotlight anthology titles, Suicide Squad: War Crimes arrives for another entertaining adventure.

The 48-page issue special is vintage Suicide Squad penned by John Ostrander, creator of the popular incarnation of the team.

As a standalone, War Crimes doesn’t get bogged down with an overly intricate plot. Amanda Waller sends the Squad on a deep cover mission to rescue a former Secretary of Defense. And he just so happens to have been stolen by a group of meta-humans.

Suicide Squad War Crimes page 5

Ostrander brings a real spy vs spy or meta vs meta flair to War Crimes. If Warner Bros. is looking for potential scripts for a Suicide Squad sequel, War Crimes easily fits the bill nicely.

While some creators struggle to recapture the same magic that came so easily on their initial run, Ostrander doesn’t take long to reveal he’s got more than enough up his sleeve. It’s most obvious with the characterization.

Suicide Squad War Crimes page 7

Ostrander is deeply familiar with how the characters are ‘supposed’ to sound, which is especially beneficial to Rick Flag, Deadshot, Boomerang and Waller. Ostrander has no problems with newer recruits Harley Quinn, El Diablo and Wild Dog either.

Guz Vasquez’s art is fine. What it lacks in the grittiness one would expect from a Suicide Squad title, he makes up for with easy to follow storytelling. Vasquez draws very expressive characters ideal for Harley Quinn and Boomerang.

Suicide Squad War Crimes page 8

Rob Williams has done a great job so far as the writer of the ongoing Suicide Squad title, but Ostrander’s return is welcome. Hopefully War Crimes signals the return of Ostrander to more Suicide Squad work. If Williams were willing, Ostrander would be a perfect fit for the secondary stories in the main title.

It’s just one special, but War Crimes is classic Suicide Squad greatness penned by the master. Longtime Squad fans won’t miss it and new fans should find it equally enjoyable.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Images Credit: DC Comics