Don’t Breathe hushes box office with second consecutive win

1. Don’t Breathe – $15.7 million [2nd week; $51.1 million total] Labor Day traditionally isn’t a big box office weekend. Families are making their final trips to the beach and planning cook-outs. Not too surprisingly, the top two films are the ones with the least amount of family appeal. Don’t Breathe continued its strong opening weekend to stay atop the competition. 

Horror/thrillers typically see a major drop their second weekends after the target audience sees it opening weekend. Don’t Breathe repeating marks the first time a horror movie has done that since 2014’s Ouija. With Tom Hanks’ highly anticipated Sully arriving in theaters next week, a three-peat seems unlikely.

2. Suicide Squad – $10 million [5th week; $297.4 million] After three weeks atop the box office, Suicide Squad is establishing a new run in the runner-up spot. Despite the critic hate, Warner Bros. clearly knew what it was doing in positioning the film as 2016’s last must-see summer blockbuster. The results definitely paid off.

Suicide Squad is now the eighth highest grossing film of the year. Doctor Strange and Rogue One will likely overtake it, but Squad should remain in the year’s Top 10.

3. Pete’s Dragon – $6.47 million [4th week; $64.2 million] Disney’s family film swooped in for the third spot. Highly touted and adored by critics, it never managed to fully take flight. On the plus side it’s just a million off from its budget. Worldwide, it’s earned $92.4 million.

4. Kubo and the Two Strings – $6.46 million [3rd week; $34 million] Kubo was another film the critics loved that failed to garner much attention from audiences. Recouping its $60 million budget might be trickier for distributor Focus Features.

5. Sausage Party – $5.3 million [4th week; $88 million] Perhaps fittingly for the end of cookout season, the raunchier animated hit is winding down its run. Reaching $100 million now seems to be out of reach, but for a film that only costs $19 million, that’s not bad at all.