Check out the Baltimore Comic Con 2016 cosplay gallery

Baltimore Comic Con 2016 marked another fantastic display of cosplay creativity.

Holding the event the weekend of Labor Day was an especially great move as it allowed guests to hang out to the end without worrying about going to work on Monday. Or dealing with holiday traffic. Hopefully the Labor Day weekend can be the date going forward for the con.

I talked to a lot of creators Sunday — I’ll have a larger feature on that — later. Today I wanted to spotlight the cosplayers of Baltimore Comic Con 2016. My admiration for the creativity of cosplayers knows no limits. I’ve covered about 20 days of conventions and never fail to be impressed. The cosplay on hand this year was no exception.

Harley Quinn appears to have finally overtaken Deadpool as the most popular cosplay subject. Agent Carter had a strong showing no doubt due to star Hayley Atwell being on hand for autographs and photographs.

Black Canary remains a steady cosplay favorite. Surprisingly there weren’t as many DC Rebirth cosplay, which was unexpected since comic fans have responded so positively to the revamp.

I always love checking out cosplay at conventions. Check out some of the past convention cosplay galleries: