Marvel Legends Havok figure review – X-Men BAF Juggernaut wave

It’s a weird time to be a longtime X-Men fan. From lousy movies to questionable editorial changes there’s little to get me excited about Xavier’s band of mutants. Fortunately Hasbro is giving X-Men collectors a reason to rejoice with a new X-Men Legends line. I’m kicking it off by reviewing Havok.

I’ve always liked Havok. Alex Summers was cast as the reluctant hero perfectly happy to hang on the sidelines while his brother, Scott, led the X-Men. In recent years that dynamic has dramatically changed with Alex being looked at as a shining example of mutant-kind while Cyclops is pretty much the mutant Antichrist. While my preference would have been an Outback era style version, this modern attire isn’t too bad.

Packaging: It’s the standard black packaging with an accent color. Hasbro went with a gold color scheme for this line, which really helps to make it stand out on shelves. It’s a minor switch but for some reason it really improves the presentation for me. The side panel drawings look cleaner with the lighter color as well.

As usual, the bio is too short so Hasbro can cram the other languages on the package. Havok’s package window makes for easy viewing to see the figure and accessories cleanly. This is especially important in dealing with swappers, which for some reason, continues to hit Marvel Legends the hardest.

Marvel Legends Havok figure review -wide shot

Likeness: Havok has a stern expression as if he’s ready for battle. I’m glad Hasbro didn’t get too fancy and give him a more expressive face like the Toy Biz version.  The attire choice might be somewhat controversial though since this is his more modern outfit. It’s an update on the all black original outfit without the more intricate design of his circa War of Kings attire. My preference would have been the original attire, but this updated look isn’t bad.

Barring a box set I don’t see Havok getting another figure. And if Hasbro has him in mind for a boxset, his X-Factor gear would be a better choice.

Scale: Havok uses the traditional buck meaning he’s the regular average height. That works just fine for him and will only be an issue if the forthcoming Polaris is taller.Marvel Legends Havok figure review -comparison with Toy Biz Havok

Paint: With a majority black outfit, Havok doesn’t require extensive paint work. You’ll definitely want to pay close attention to the eyes. I’ve seen some that were a little wonky. Mine thankfully were fairly clean with the biggest issues being some minor silver overspray and a random scrape on the ‘belt.’

The silver accents on the waist and boots are sharp and help break up the all black look. The energy circle effect on the chest is well done and looks like Havok is ready to unleash a major blast.

Articulation: Nothing really new here. This is a familiar blank buck with no add on pieces to restrict movement. Havok isn’t the most athletic character, but you’ll be able to strike any pose you’d need.

Marvel Legends Havok figure review -arms out

He has:

  • neck
  • ball jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbows (hinge and swivel)
  • wrist (hinge and swivel)
  • torso
  • waist
  • thighs
  • hips
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Marvel Legends Havok figure review - aiming

Accessories: Hasbro went an interesting route with Havok. For a guy with such a basic look, he provides some decent variant options. Hasbro could have gone the route of the recent Spider-Man wave and include a simple unmasked head sculpt. Or thrown classic collectors a bone with an old school head sculpt with the distinct mask points. It wouldn’t have been completely accurate to the classic look, but would have been close enough that most collectors wouldn’t have minded.

Marvel Legends Havok figure review - power blasts

Hasbro opted for energy circles to simulate Havok charging his power. That’s not a bad option and the energy effect looks cool, but Hasbro is starting to lean on that accessory piece a little too often. Mine fit a little loosely, but not so much that they slid down his arm. As part of the Build-A-Figure Juggernaut wave, Havok also comes with the right leg.

Marvel Legends Havok figure review -arms charging

Worth It? Hasbro kind of set the market price of $20 for a 6 inch figure with a BAF piece. Havok isn’t flashy, but he’s a solid, worthwhile entry to the X-Men shelf. If you’re a gambler, Havok will be one of the figures from this wave that will be plentiful when stores have sales and discount this series.

Marvel Legends Havok figure review -face-off with Juggernaut

Rating: 9 out of 10

Havok’s lack of sizzle doesn’t make him a bad figure. He was desperately in need of an upgraded Hasbro figure. While the attire isn’t my preference, this is a solid and worthwhile update.

Marvel Legends Havok figure review - paint detail

Where to Get it? While some of the other characters in this wave are going to prove very hard to track down, Havok won’t be too big a challenge. The X-Men Legends wave is now available at Toys R Us and Target. Online HasbroToyShop, Entertainment Earth and all have him in stock.

X-Men Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 1
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