Batman #6 review – I Am Gotham epilogue is emotional finale

Rather than plunging headfirst into the next great story arc, Tom King allows Batman and company to decompress. The I am Gotham Epilogue is an emotional chapter that serves to reinforce why this is one of comics’ best titles right now.

I’m glad King didn’t immediately move past the events of the first story arc as it relates to Gotham Girl. She suffered the most from Gotham’s tragic end and the issue is largely devoted to her healing process. Gotham Girl is in a bad place though carrying on conversations with her now dead brother while fighting crime in the city.

Batman #6 I am Gotham Epilogue - Gotham Girl flyingHer experience with Psycho Pirate left her emotionally on edge. King doesn’t victimize Gotham Girl, but definitely puts her in position where she needs Bruce Wayne as much as Batman.

After cranking out five strong issues over the bi-weekly printing schedule, David Finch takes a well-earned break. But DC made sure to maintain a high quality of artist and had Ivan Reis fill-in. Reis might be DC’s top artist at the moment so it’s no small coup that the Epilogue features his artwork. Reis has a cinematic style that captures Gotham’s majestic presence while infusing the characters with a spark of life.

Marcelo Maiolo’s colors are breathtakingly gorgeous. The purples, oranges and blues are especially vibrant, but all around this is one of the best colored books of the year.

King also manages to find some time to give Alfred another funny moment. It works since King isn’t so focused on making Alfred the jokester of the title simply allowing his dry wit to effectively deliver a sarcastic remark.

Batman #6 I am Gotham Epilogue - variant cover

This issue finds King scraping the bottom of the Batman Rogue Gallery barrel. These are characters most writers have long been afraid to tackle. It’s not easy to make Morts of the Month cool again. King doesn’t bother trying to waive a Geoff Johns wand and make them relevant with some amazing back story. Instead, they’re just some of the regular low-level costumed villains that make up a non-threatening night out for Gotham’s vigilantes.

Next issue marks the Batman chapter of the Night of the Monster Men crossover. The following issue looks to be especially promising considering Batman’s conversation with Amanda Waller and the tease of a Suicide Squad encounter.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Images Credit: DC Comics