Green Arrow #6 review – still hitting the target

Writer Benjamin Percy set himself up for some juicy storylines following the end of The Ninth Circle. Instead of immediately addressing last issue’s cliffhanger, Percy devotes Green Arrow #6 and potentially the next story arc to Green Arrow’s sister. Given Percy’s clear vision of the series this was hardly a risky move. Instead, it continues the great work on one of DC’s best titles.

Emiko Queen was also in a bad way being abducted by her mother, Shado, after revealing her true allegiance. In lieu of completely following the Arrow TV show and having Thea Queen show up, Emiko is a nice alternative. The newly discovered half-sister has greater potential anyway thanks to her time with Shado. Through flashbacks, Percy explores the sibling dynamic and Emiko’s growing respect and love for her brother. Additionally, a new Clock King is introduced — one more sinister and devious than the original.

Now separated from Oliver, Emiko has to take some big risks to avoid paying for her betrayal. Hopefully this arc ends with Emiko getting a better costume.

green-arrow # 6-page

The title gets its third artist in six issues with the arrival of Stephen Byrne. DC has been playing artist musical chairs almost since the start of Rebirth. Blame the aggressive bi-weekly scheduling, Byrne’s artwork is solid though and a new story arc is the best time for an artist switch.

Byrne has the more traditional style of the three Green Arrow artists with an easy to follow layout. His pencils aren’t especially stylized, but convey enough energy and movement to propel the story smoothly. It’ll be interesting to see going forward which artist becomes the long-term answer. Either way readers won’t be cheated.

Even with the titular character largely sidelined, Green Arrow #6 delivered. This is one of DC’s Top 5 titles right now with no signs of slowing down.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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