4 WWE stars who could be the next face of RAW after John Cena era

Big Money Player

Hogan and Austin made it to the top based on their looks, catchphrases, and how well their T-shirts sold. Though WWE can work as hard as they want pushing a certain Superstar as heir apparent to the throne, if the audience doesn’t buy in (figuratively or literally) there won’t be money to be made and the course will have to be altered.

Look at Sheamus. Though given a lunar push out of the gate, where is he now? He’s drizzled down to the midcard because he’s failed in marketability. Though the Celtic Warrior was a nice niche gimmick, it doesn’t have the mass appeal that makes for a success.

Finn-Balor-WWE-2k16 next face

With a twist of irony, it’s his countryman FINN BALOR who looks to get over on the wave of his gimmick and look. While a fantastic wrestler in his own right, it’s the Demon that helped make Finn Balor the inaugural Universal Champion. The face paint, the T-shirts, the armsleeves: it’s all so painfully cool for everyone 6 to 60.

With a continued push, tasteful application of the Demon paint, and a continued stream of excellent T-shirts; Finn Balor could very well be the next face of the WWE. Or at the very least, this era’s Undertaker.

No. 5 – Paid the Cost to be The Boss