Joe Manganiello officially cast as Deathstroke for Batman movie

Joe Manganiello will be playing Deathstroke after all.

Manganiello has been attached to the role back when Warner Bros./DC was finalizing its Suicide Squad casting. At the time, Deathstroke was rumored to be the villain the Squad was tasked with taking down.

But the film came and went and Manganiello was never officially confirmed. Given the lukewarm response — yet lucrative box office haul — of Suicide Squad it may be just as well. Manganiello will now be suiting up as Deathstroke in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film.


The Wall Street Journal confirmed the casting in an interview with Geoff Johns, DC Entertainment president/chief creative officer. But Manganiello may be appearing sooner than the Batman film. There’s some rumors Deathstroke might make an appearance in Justice League.

Affleck’s Batman has widely been the most well-received component of the DC Extended Universe. Pitting him against Deathstroke is a good call since he’s a non-traditional Batman villain. Manganiello will do just fine in the role even though Stephen Lang (Don’t Breathe) was my top choice.

Since Deathstroke is the DC Universe’s top assassin it raises the question who is paying him to kill Batman? Maybe Lex Luthor is itching for payback after being threatened in the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Luthor isn’t exactly the type to let a threat go without some response. Sending Deathstroke after Batman is pretty much the exact type of response I’d expect from Lex.

Itching to see Deathstroke in action against Batman before the film? Give Batman: Arkham City a whirl as Deathstroke is one of the bosses Batman battles. It’s one of the game’s more challenging fights and a nice teaser to what’s in store in the movie.
We’re still awaiting the date on the release of the Batman solo film, but it’s certain to be one of the most anticipated of the DC cinematic universe. What do you think of Manganiello’s casting? Happy with the choice?