Massive Marvel Legends figure sale on Amazon

If you’ve been eyeing Marvel Legends figures and haven’t pulled the trigger on some, now is the time to make your move. has a major sale on recent and pre-order waves with figures coming in well below retail price.


Haven’t completed the Captain America Build-A-Figure Giant Man wave yet? Some figures in that set are as low as $12.

The special Civil War three-pack set of Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man is at a lowest price of $39.30, which essentially gives you a free figure.

The Abomination BAF line is also seeing some discounted figures with the Age of X Captain America variant going for $14.

On the Spider-Man front, the BAF Space Venom set has some $15 offerings. Miles Morales and Ultimate Peter Parker are currently under $15.

Still haven’t grabbed the X-Men Legends line yet? Most of the wave is now under $15. Naturally, Rogue, Wolverine and Deadpool are higher than retail. The rest you can get for as low as $13

Right now you can pre-order the Doctor Strange series and get most figures for $15.99. The exceptions are Doctor Strange and Nico, but everyone else from Enchantress, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange (comic and astral), Brother Voodoo and Baron Mordo.