Marvel prepares to mash with Monsters Unleashed

Monsters Unleashed marks the first big universe wide event with the new look Marvel Universe. This is a huge deal for the more diverse Marvel U so this could be a way to expose readers to the new characters.

For longtime readers who’ve been away for a while they may need a program to catch up with all the changes, but the gang’s all here. 

Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther, Deadpool, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the X-Men, the Avengers, the Champions and the Inhumans are all here. Still no Fantastic Four though.

Raining down from the outer reaches of the galaxy, rising up from the depths of the ocean, and emerging from the recesses of the Earth – monsters are staking their claim to the planet. The only thing standing in their destructive path: the united Super Heroes of the Marvel Universe. 

It’s all hands on deck, as the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, Inhumans and Champions, joined by a who’s who of solo stars – Deadpool, Spider-Man, Black Panther – battle an endless deluge of monsters and the mysterious force that controls them. Will the combined might of the Marvel Super Heroes be enough to save the day? Or will they need help to arrive from the unlikeliest of places?

I’d love for the sinister force behind all of this to be the Mole Man. That would just be appropriate for a monster theme event.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics