The duos we want to see reunite in Big Brother 19

Pretty sure we can all agree Big Brother 18 was pretty terrible, right? The houseguests thought this was a summer vacation and their ticket to celebrity fame. Let’s be real: Big Brother houseguests only become famous if they’ve got a more talented, diva sibling.

BB18 might have been one of the bigger snoozefests yet. It got so boring even poor Julie Chen couldn’t say ‘expect the unexpected’ with a straight face.

Last year, I looked at how Big Brother 18 could improve on the lackluster Big Brother 17 with an All-Star format. CBS and Big Brother execs seemed to hint Big Brother 20 would be more fitting for that given the big milestone.

That means Big Brother 19 is going to feature a slew of would-be models and fame-starved houseguests for whom the names Zingbot, Otev or Chenbot mean little.


To make things somewhat more bearable, hopefully BB19 will borrow a page from Big Brother 13 and bring back veteran duos to at least give the season a shot of being entertaining. And to mix things up let’s put more veterans in the house than newbies. That way we’re at least assured some action and not floating through until the end when they have to play.

My one caveat was the duos had to have some association with each other/play on the same season. Otherwise I’d make Frankie and Josea a duo because that pair would give me Big Brother life and be a buy the feeds worthy combination.

Here’s my picks for the duos that would make Big Brother 19 an improvement over the previous couple of seasons.

Paul and Victor
aka The Sitting Ducks

big brother 18 paul and victor

Big Brother 18’s most solid, platonic alliance was one more HOH comp win away from being in this season’s Final 3. Of all the great Big Brother duos, Paul and Victor were so close to joining the upper echelon with Chilltown, The Renegades and The Hitmen.

A lot of their staying power came from Big Brother’s unprecedented second and third chance option this year, but The Sitting Ducks made the most of it to emerge as a powerhouse alliance. Their biggest problem was trust issues — they trusted everyone when they should have #NeverCared about promises made by fellow houseguests. With a season’s worth of experience, they may cement their status as one of BB’s all-time great duos. 

And just to make sure the entire alliance is intact somebody make sure to get Pablo back into the house.

Frankie and Zach
aka Zankie


Frankie may have been 100% all about the Frankie Grande brand, but he was at least a fun annoying houseguest. Mix that with his surprisingly beast mode style of winning competitions and he’s a legitimate threat to go all the way.

Teaming him back up with his Zankie pal would ensure no shortage of fireworks in the BB house. Zach was a hilarious hothead and his Diary Room sessions helped make BB16 entertaining. He’d definitely do the same for BB 19.

Liz and Julia
aka The Twin Twist


To be honest, coming up with a strong female duo was harder than I thought. Every year the females houseguests immediately vow to stick with each other. And then just as quickly turn on each other at the merest sight of a bare-chested, chiseled dude or random cattiness.  The safest bet? Sisters. I considered Vanessa and Tiffany, but subjecting the houseguests to a double shot of the Russo sisters seemed especially cruel. Not like twins Liz and Julia were much better.

Still, they were savvier players than most give them credit for and skated through to the end. Liz was the runner-up and Julia made it to jury. Without a meat shield in Austin, I’d be curious to see how the twins would play. They could prove surprising.

Cody and Paulie
aka The Shirtless Blunders


Big Brother clearly loves the Calafiore clan. Who else can they get to dance around like Magic Mike extras? Cody made the most selfless act in Big Brother history in BB16 taking Derrick to the final 2 with him instead of the easy win over Victoria.

Paulie flamed out midway through by being too aggressive too soon and revealing all of his cards. With Cody around to reel his older brother in from his eventual emotional outburst, this could be the duo to win it all.

Which duo would you like to see return for Big Brother 19?

Image Credit: CBS