Joss Whedon calls Avengers, more celebs to Save the Day against Trump

Joss Whedon needs your help to Save the Day. More specifically, he needs you to register to vote against Donald Trump.

Calling in some of his celebrity pals Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Don Cheadle, Nathan Fillion, Neal Patrick Harris, Julianne Moore, Martin Sheen, Leslie Odom Jr., Keegan-Michael Key, Whedon directed a PSA for Save the Day to drum up support against Trump.


Save the Day wants to ensure visitors get the point of the importance of voting with its mission statement.

‘We are a short-form production company dedicated to the idea that voting is a necessary and heroic act. That every voice in this wonderfully diverse nation should, and must, be heard. That the only thing that can save democracy is the act that defines it. We are committed to fighting the apathy, cynicism, and honest confusion that keeps citizens from using their vote. And to reminding an increasingly out-of-touch and compromised set of representatives that they are answerable to the people they were hired to serve.’

There’s no question who’s getting Whedon’s vote. While discussing the project with Buzzfeed, the Avengers: Age of Ultron director said he had a lot of friends who felt the same way. And they were more than willing to make their political stance and opinions of the former reality star turned Republican presidential candidate.

‘There is almost nobody that I wouldn’t approach to say, ‘If you can pitch in, do it now,’ Whedon said. ‘It was pretty much the same spiel to everybody: ‘Doing a voting PSA to help get out the vote and stop orange Muppet Hitler.’

Completely random observation. With the exception of benched Ruffalo, the rest of the Avengers stars in the video are Team Iron Man. So wait, does that mean Cap is a Trump supporter?

To learn more or to get registered, check out the Save the Day website. Election Day is Nov. 8 so if you haven’t registered for some reason, do it ASAP.

Photo Credit:  Jennifer Cochis/Save the Day