Urien joins the fray in Street Fighter V

Capcom continues to crank out solid additions to the Street Fighter V roster. Today, Urien was revealed as the sixth character since the game’s release.

For those not entirely familiar with Urien, he debuted in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact. He’s looking like a sharp dressed fighter this time. He’s clad in a pinstripe suit and sporting his cocky smile as always.

According to Capcom: His unwavering confidence and tyrannical tendencies are tailor-made for menacing players who want their opponents to be outshined by Urien’s ‘Dominating Light.’ In addition to his high-damage combos, he uses his slow-moving projectiles to pressure opponents and control the pace of the match.

To get him, you can start saving — or spending — some of your hard earned Fight Money. Urien doesn’t come cheap as he’s 100,000 Fight Money. Or to avoid the relentless grinding, you can just pay $5.99.


Beyond the addition or Urien, Capcom announced new game modes and features: Daily Targets, Versus CPU mode and new environmental stage KO areas. Those new features are free content so you won’t need to spend time replenishing your Fight Money wallet.

Here’s a breakdown of the new features courtesy of Capcom:

Daily Targets
New Daily Targets are available starting today to help players earn extra Fight Money and purchase additional content on a regular basis. Each Daily Target has a time limit, so players will need to log-in to cash in on these. Rewards range between 100 and 5000 Fight Money.

Versus CPU mode
Versus CPU mode is added as another option to standard Versus mode. Now, players can sharpen their skills before challenging others online by slugging it out offline against the computer, with varying difficulty options.

New Environmental Stage KO’s
New environmental stage KO’s have been added for all stages that were available at launch, so players can look forward to finding new ways to expand the playing field and humiliate their opponents.

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Images Credit: Capcom