DC Comics reviews for week of 9/28/16 – Teen Titans #1, Titans #3

Deathstroke #3


Christopher Priest is determined to show the full extent of Slade Wilson’s bad parenting. This issue finds him reconnecting with his daughter, Rose, aka Ravager. Someone’s put a hit out on her and Slade arrives to have her back. Along the way, we get more flashbacks looking at how Slade lost his eye. It lines up pretty strongly with the pre-Crisis take.

Slade is terrible at motivation, but Ravager is determined to gain his approval. This pairing has potential even with Wintergreen already capably filling the role as sidekick/partner in crime.


The art continues to be inconsistent after a strong start from Carlo Pagulayan. Last issue saw Larry Hama provide layouts and this issue, sees Joe Bennett handle the art chores. Bennett is a competent artist, but his pencils lack Pagulayan’s flair.  Some of the panel layout and character movement is a little awkward, which might be the result of three inkers.

Deathstroke is a title that won’t live or die on the strength of the art. Obviously, with Pagulayan the art is top notch, but Priest’s take on the characters is what’s making this an engaging read.

Rating: 7 out of 10