Marvel Legends Kitty Pryde figure review – X-Men Build a Figure Juggernaut wave

With one wave Hasbro has earned immense goodwill from collectors starved for mutants for their Marvel Legends collection. And with a release as solid as Kitty Pryde it’s hard not to see why.

As part of the Build-a-Juggernaut wave, Hasbro’s take on the Pryde of the X-Men means we can once again retire another terribly outdated Toy Biz figure. I’m glad since that figure was so spindly, it could barely stand for more than a few minutes.

In a wave that already boasts a front-runner for best female figure of the year, Kitty does her part to ensure there’s at least going to be a competition.

Packaging: There’s no big difference than the usual Marvel Legends packaging, but the gold tint really works well. The side art is terrific as it really captures Kitty in mid phase. I’d love a bit more information on the bio however.

Hasbro is on top of things with the figure and accessory presentation. No chance of collectors missing someone swapping out the figure or accessories.


Likeness: Here’s where preference kind of gets in the way. For me, 1o times out of 10, I’d want to see Kitty in her Shadowcat outfit. She was involved in some memorable X-Men and Excalibur stories in that costume. The generic Xavier School for Gifted Mutants outfit is fine, but not especially interesting. It’s also not helped that Toy Biz released Kitty in a similar outfit.


It’s done well enough, but it’s easily the most boring attire choice Hasbro could use with Kitty. It’s every bit as underwhelming as the upcoming Disco Dazzler figure isn’t.


While the outfit is lackluster, the head sculpt is exceptional. Hasbro has really been on a roll with attractive female head sculpts since last year. Kitty continues that trend and is a legitimate contender for best head sculpt yet. She has a youthful look without looking childish. There’s good details on her bangs and the ponytail hands naturally.


Kitty’s belt isn’t stuck in position and slides up and down. That’s not a problem, just an interesting design choice since Kitty doesn’t have a waist swivel.


Scale: Kitty has typically been drawn shorter than her fellow X-Men even as an adult. In that regard the figure is too tall, which is one of the rarer times Hasbro has dropped the ball on scale.


Paint: There’s not a ton of paint apps on the figure. The yellow and black outfit is fairly simple. Still, getting a clean yellow paint application is nothing to undersell. Hasbro added a subtle orange wash into the yellow without going overboard.

Articulation: Kitty has the standard female Marvel Legends articulation. The shoulders are missing the full ball joint of the male figures and the hip clearance prevents a decent side kick. Otherwise, Kitty’s articulation is solid and up to regular ML expectations.

Kitty has:

  • neck
  • shoulders
  • elbows (hinge and swivel)
  • wrist (hinge and swivel)
  • torso
  • thighs
  • hips
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankle (rocker)


Accessories: Kitty has Juggernaut’s right arm. In some cases with this wave that’s all we’ve gotten. Fortunately she comes with a bit more.


You couldn’t have a Kitty figure without Lockheed. He’s very well sculpted and detailed considering his scale. The shiny purple paint helps him stand out. In an improvement over the Toy Biz version, Lockheed can rest on Kitty’s shoulder without the need for pegs. Lockheed’s tail wraps along Kitty’s neck allowing him to stay in place without issue.

Additionally, Kitty comes with a welcome bonus of an Onslaught head. So for all you traditionalists out there (like me) you can now finally complete the BAF Onslaught from the Cap wave.

Worth It? If for nothing else than Onslaught’s head, Kitty is worth the $20 retail price. Fortunately, she’s already been a figure regularly seen in the $15 to $17 range. Get her at that price and she’s a tremendous value. Regular price isn’t terrible though as this is a quality figure.


Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Kitty’s outfit and scale are my few gripes here. This is another outstanding figure in a wave full of strong options. Kitty is a sneaky standout and definitely worth the upgrade.


Where to get it? Kitty is a fringe difficult character to track down. She’s probably the fourth hardest to find on pegs, but she’s not too tough. I’ve seen her at Toys R Us, Target and Gamestop. Don’t want to endure the online hassle? HasbroToyShop, Entertainment Earth and all have her in stock.

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