NECA Aliens Series 9 Pvt. Jenette Vasquez figure review

There’s so many reasons I adore Aliens. It’s one of the signature sequel better than the original films. It’s one of the all-time greatest sci-f-/action films ever and it embraced strong female characters long before that was trendy. We already knew Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley could handle unpredictable situations, but in Aliens she meets to me the epitome of a bada$$ 80s action heroine — Private Jeanette Vasquez.

NECA did some outstanding fan service with its Aliens Series 9 wave giving collectors our first Pvt. Frost and Vasquez figures. Let’s rock and see how she why this is a figure every Aliens collector needs on their shelf…assuming you somehow needed convincing.

Alien Warrior Aliens Sixth Scale Figure

Packaging: NECA stays consistent with its clamshell packaging. NECA is definitely package size conscious and avoids having a lot of wasted space. You will need scissors to open it up though. The biggest difference here is a big Aliens 30th anniversary logo.

All of the accessories are neatly arranged in the display window. I love the movie homage package sides recalling the video screen displays from the Marines’ helmets. NECA even took this wave a step further by adding a bio for Vasquez to help flesh out her back story. That’s a great touch. I’m sure the hardcore Aliens fans know each Colonial Marines’ favorite soda, but this was welcome character insight.


Likeness:  Hudson might be confused, but Vasquez definitely stands out from the male figures in the Aliens line. The likeness to Jeannette Goldstein is tremendous. I love the expression, which captures the character’s demeanor perfectly. This is easily one of the best likenesses I’ve seen in this scale.

Appropriately, Vasquez has a new sculpt with unique details. Vasquez’s chest plate armor isn’t removable, but NECA sculpted the visible part of her T-shirt and her cross necklace. Vasquez was pretty ripped so NECA made sure her figure sports well defined biceps. Her shoulder bands are sculpted as are the gloves. Her headband is sculpted on as is the very detailed headset. The mouthpiece is articulated in a nice touch. This is work a lot of companies would have just painted on so it’s appreciated that NECA went the extra mile in sculpting.


Scale: Vasquez was noticeably shorter than her fellow Colonial Marines and the figure reflects that size discrepancy. That was another aspect of her character I found so appealing. Vasquez wasn’t an Amazon, but definitely didn’t let her lack of height impact her combat effectiveness.


Paint: I was able to spot three Vasquez figures and could choose the best painted one. To NECA’s credit, I had to really look closely to find anything remotely off. NECA eye paint has been problematic at times, but the three I found had no issues.

The outfit has a nice camo pattern that seems accurate to the source material.


NECA includes all of Vasquez’s trademark details with her spray painted ‘El Riesgo Siempre Vive’ (The risk always lives). The proto pictures had ‘Adios’ on her smart gun, but mine didn’t have that detail. I haven’t been able to confirm if that’s the case with every figure.


Articulation: Vasquez doesn’t have as much articulation as some of the male figures. Keep in mind she’s one of the two heavy machine gunners so she doesn’t need to hit a lot of crouching poses. I would have liked to have been able to get more effective kneeling poses though.


Vasquez has:

  • neck (ball-jointed)
    shoulders (ball-jointed)


Accessories: NECA makes sure Vasquez isn’t going into battle empty-handed. She’s got her smart gun, harness and blast effect.


NECA gives collectors a lot of credit in assembling the smart gun. Basically you’re going to need to attach the hanging pieces onto the gun and the side panel alongside Vasquez’s armor.

This is a case where I would’ve loved if NECA included directions as it’s not exactly intuitive. The smart gun is pretty impressive with terrific detailing and size. It’s huge, standing nearly as tall as Vasquez. The muzzle effect is a nice addition.


Worth it? With a dedicated sculpt and outstanding likeness and the essential accessories, Vasquez is a fair price for $22. Hasbro charges about the same price with less detailed paintjobs and a Build-A-Figure piece for $20, but this is pretty comparable.


Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Vasquez definitely makes a case for best female figure of the year. This is a really terrific figure and a great first xenomorph encounter version of Vasquez.


Where to get it? I stumbled onto the set at Toys R Us, which also has them available on their website. Amazon also has them in stock as well.