Luke Cage: Just to Get a Rep review Season 1, Ep. 5

Just to Get a Rep furthered the growing war between Cage and Cottonmouth while a familiar face returned to the scene.

With his bankroll all but extinguished following the Fort Knox incident, Cottonmouth goes back on the offensive. He sends his troops out to terrorize the neighborhood. If they question their actions, Cottonmouth instructs them to say they’re paying the Luke Cage Stupidity Tax.

In Just to Get a Rep, Mahershala Ali was on full bore Wesley Snipes circa New Jack City mode. He is a larger than life crime lord who’s undeniably charismatic. He makes a great foil for the stoic Cage.


Outed as an enhanced/superhero, Cage doesn’t care about showing off his abilities any longer. That makes it easier as he starts operating like a Hero for Hire getting payback for the people Cottonmouth harassed. Cage was a sharp dressed hero this time, wearing a custom suit designed by Dapper Dan.

Fortunately addressing a potential issue I mentioned previously, the police captain and lieutenant are onto Scarfe and investigating his connection to Cottonmouth. They warn Misty. Although she doesn’t think her partner is dirty, she doesn’t tip off her superiors’ suspicions. Only problem is the police lieutenant is under Cottonmouth’s thumb as well as other members of the police force. Scarfe decides not to follow up on getting the weapons back to Cottonmouth, which will definitely cause some problems.

Claire Temple returns to Harlem. She catches her mother up on her exploits with Daredevil and ponders her future. I’m glad Claire’s doctor to the superheroes role is solidifying. The shows had to force her interaction with the street heroes and now it will be more organic. Just in time before The Punisher series starts up too.


Cage warns Cottonmouth and deals with his goons. With a better vantage point and recognizing the fighting style, Shades realizes Cage is his old fellow inmate Carl Lucas. That’s bound to cause Cage some problems since Shades knows about a godkiller bullet called Judas that could potentially even harm him. For his sake, Cage better hope the incoming Mr. Spurlock doesn’t get access to it.

Cottonmouth is using to running Harlem, but again he got one upped by Cage at Pop’s funeral. Harlem has a new hero and Cottonmouth has effectively been put on notice. Misty isn’t too fond of Cage openly declaring war against Cottonmouth. She seemed torn on his intentions earlier and now there’s some legit animosity. That could make for an interesting dynamic when Iron Fist enters the scene.

Cage is making Cottonmouth feel the pressure. This is an adversary that wasn’t afraid to break out a rocket launcher so while Cage has him on the ropes, he’d better be careful. Otherwise the streets will see the body count increase.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix

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