Suicide Squad gets extended cut for Dec. 13 Blu-Ray/DVD release

Suicide Squad is getting an extended cut for its Dec. 13 home video release. If it follows the trend established with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition we’re in for a vastly superior version than the theatrical release.

Presumably that will mean we’ll be seeing a lot more of Jared Leto’s take on The Joker. Leto was reportedly unhappy with the theatrical cut of the film and the hatchet job done to his subplot. Considering how badly Lex Luthor’s arc was bungled in BvS it’s highly possible the film left some important story elements on the cutting room floor.

I really enjoyed Leto’s Joker. It was different, but had the important elements of the character down. Leto brought more of a psychotic gangster to the role, which worked since Joker is such a multi-faceted character.


And perhaps there’s some more scenes involving Ben Affleck’s Batman and the other Justice League member who popped in for a brief cameo. In the case of the latter that would be especially helpful to flesh him out a little more before Justice League’s feature film next year.

Maybe the extended cut will also make more sense of The Enchantress storyline? If nothing else, I’d like to get a bit more backstory on Slipknot. The theatrical version solely reduced him to an example for the rest of the team.

To some extent, I hope the extended cut is more of the traditional kind. Where we see some interesting extra scenes, but ultimately agree they weren’t necessary.

If it’s another situation where the extended cut is the version that should have been released in theaters, WB might have a bigger problem. That would suggest the higher ups don’t get what is essential in telling a comprehensive comic book film. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence for a fledgling movie universe.

Critics weren’t big fans of the film with the biggest complaints being issues that potentially could be addressed with a longer run time.

This isn’t quite as extensive as the BvS cut, which added another half-hour to the film. Suicide Squad’s cut is only 13 minutes of additional footage.

I’ll be curious to see how this enhances Suicide Squad or if WB made the right call. Are you excited about the news or indifferent either way?