Play Madden NFL 17 free this weekend on PS4 and Xbox One

As a 49ers fan, this NFL season is pretty much over for me. Blaine Gabbert is not and should never be the starting QB for a rebuilding team. So I welcome the chance to get a jump on restoring my franchise to its former glory days. But since I’m not an NFL owner or GM, the best I can do is fix things on Madden NFL 17.

Taking advantage of the holiday weekend, EA Tiburon is giving everyone a chance to improve their teams’ fates. The global free trial of Madden NFL 17 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched today and will continue through Oct. 10. That’s a savvy move and will more than likely help EA sell more copies of the game in the long run.

This isn’t a condensed trial version as players will have access to all of Madden’s features. Check out the new runner skill moves, beefed up franchise and The Ultimate Team experience.


Here’s EA’s summary of the new additions:

New tiered skill moves for runners provide more opportunity to shake the defense and break off big plays, while automatic skill moves on lower difficulty levels give everyone the chance to have amazing moments out on the field. Franchise players looking to quickly advance through a season can take advantage of Play the Moments – the fastest way to play Madden NFL 17 – to jump into the game at key third downs, game-winning drives and more.

Would-be GMs can utilize new Big Decisions to manage every facet of their team in the quickest and most convenient way ever. No matter your play style or favored game mode, this year you have the tools to take your team all the way.

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